Welcome to 2017-2018 Morning Zoo Crew!

Welcome to The Morning Zoo Crew web site. These third graders have been selected for their great effort, good behavior, and positive attitude each day at school for the final quarter! Congratulations to these students:

Yellow Team: Lillian Chiles, Anthony Tomaselli, Lyla Mulheman, Maddie Minich, and Eli Ellis

Orange Team Logan Wichert, Jetta Cornell, Emily Grubich, Giuliana Walters, and Brian Worsdall

Green Team: Eva Domonkos, Kait Paystrup, Bryce Stotter, AJ Bockmuller, and Stefania Mighton

Blue Team: Lacy Lombardo, Chloe Schultz, Iva Samidan, Chance Canfield, and Jake Rostocil

Red Team: Abby Felton, Christian Sell, Sasha Tolstykh, Colin Murphy, and Gina Kuczma