Welcome to the 2018-2019 Morning Zoo Crew!

Welcome to The Morning Zoo Crew web site. These third graders have been selected for their great effort, good behavior, and positive attitude each day at school for the 2nd quarter! Congratulations to these students:

Yellow Team: Careese Rice, Cole Pealer, Drew Devlin, Mia Kwon, and Jacob
Orange Team: Kaitlyn Gilbert, Darryn Dallas, Elijah Park, Addison Lowe, and Luke
Green Team: Alden Peterson, Katie Colwell, Emma Kosmerl, Jax Kantura, and Lily
Blue Team: Riley O’Hare, Oliver Lewis, Jacob Allen, Emerson Hallen, and Claire
Red Team: Timmy Baker, Lainey Bockmuller, Rory Booher, Noah Maloney, and
Kendall Robertson