Welcome to the 2018-2019 Morning Zoo Crew!

Welcome to The Morning Zoo Crew web site. These third graders have been selected for their great effort, good behavior, and positive attitude each day at school for the final quarter! Congratulations to these students:

Yellow Team: Fletcher Linsz, Catarina Kanieski, Lily Bates,
Greta Garb, and Colin Haky

Orange Team: James Stevens, Caz Bushnell, Stella Loveland,
J.J. Somich, and Zoey Murtha

Green Team: Lexie Yingling, Sam Spencer, Claire Flinders,
William Thompson, and Ben Rostocil

Blue Team: Maria Shindika, Brook Carlson, Dominic Eberly,
Connor Murphy, and Keira Walz

Red Team: Noah Butler, Eva Ringness, J.T. Hummer,
Eva Caires, and Charlie Nelson