Weekly Class Assignments

  • Week of August 27 – 30

    This week in Integrated Technology Kindergarten students continued working on their mouse skills by logging into ABC Mouse.  Students had to follow prompts to find their names and the assignment.  My students struggled with this skill but in the coming weeks it should be routine.  First grade worked in Microsoft Word typing their sight words.  Students also had to use the sight words in a sentence.  Second grade continued working on their typing skills.  Third grade started “touch typing” homeroom.  The students are focusing on keeping their eyes on the monitor and not on their keyboard.  We will be working on keyboarding a little bit each day.

  • August 20 – 24

    Students had a busy week in Integrated Technology.  Kindergarten worked on learning how to use a mouse.  Students learned how to single click and double click an icon on their desktop.  We will be continuing to practice this skill in the next few classes.   First grade reviewed minimizing, restoring, closing, tabs, back button, and bookmark toolbar on a Chrome browser.  Students also worked on ELA skills in Star Fall.  Second grade learned how to “touch type” homeroom.  Students are focusing on typing without looking at their hands.  We are focusing on accuracy and not speed.  We are working on Typing.com if you would like to practice these skills at home.  Third grade logged into their google accounts to be sure all usernames/passwords worked.  They also completed their first assignment in Google Classroom.