October 7, 2016

 The T.O.Y Report


October 7, 2016



  • Students have worked very hard on the skill of aligning decimals and place values to add and subtract. Tests are complete for topic 2 and are posted.
  • Next week we will begin the topic of multiplying multi-digit whole numbers.
  • Students were given a common core packet to be completed by the end of topic 3. This usually takes about 2 weeks. This packet reviews previously taught skills.
  • Online assignments will be attempted, and until everyone is successful logging in, some students may continue in the workbook.
Language Arts

  • Students will continue to practice Wordly Wise Lesson 4.  Thursday, October 13th, Wordly Wise Vocabulary Test – Click below for the Wordly Wise Vocabulary quizlet to  help with studying:


  • Students will continue practicing Figurative Language Elements. We have been reviewing – simile, metaphor, alliteration, personification, onomatopoeia, idiom, and hyperbole. Wednesday, October 12th, Figurative Language Test.  Click below for the Figurative Language quizlet to help with studying:


  • “Time for Kids” Magazine will be given on Monday and Worksheet worth 10 points will be given on Tuesday and due on Friday, October 14th for Morning Work.

My Homework Website Link: http://kenstonlocal.org/tobul/  


  • We have completed lesson one of chapter 6, and the quiz scores are posted.
  • Students are working in pairs to research biomes. The information will be formatted on the computer in IT class.
  • Next week we will also working on a lab analyzing owl pellets.
Social Studies

  • This past week, we practiced  Latitude and Longitude skills.
  • Next week, we will introduce  Chapter 2: Section 2- Water on Earth.
  • No Test or Quiz this week.


Important Information:

  • Miss Caputo’s email address (Language Arts and Social Studies)samantha.caputo@kenstonapps.org  (Her email will still be her maiden name although she is getting married this weekend.)
  • The end of the first nine week grading period will be Friday, October 14th.  Report cards will be sent home on Friday, October 21st.
  • No school for students – October 17th (Teacher work day)


Shout Outs

(a section to celebrate awesome things)

  • A huge shout out to Janie Kerchenski.  Thank you for working so hard this week, participating in class and helping not only myself, but other students as well!  Keep up the AWESOME work! ~ Mrs. Tobul


An update from Mrs. Tobul

Hello Families!  It’s official, my last day of school will be Tuesday, October 11th if the baby does not come beforehand.  I will be returning January 4, 2017 (the first day back from Winter Break and the start of the second semester).  It has been wonderful to meet and work with your children for the past 9 weeks.  Miss. Caputo (who is actually getting married this weekend and will become Mrs. Genshock) is excited to get to know your children, and has been in our classroom a lot recently to make the transition as smooth as possible.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.  Have a wonderful weekend!

~ Mrs. Tobul

Newsletter, September 23, 2016

The T.O.Y Report


September 23, 2016


  • We have been busy learning how to estimate decimals by rounding, compensation, and using compatible numbers.  The students will have a quiz over these first 2 lessons on Monday, September 26.
  • Once we have finished our quiz, we will go into addition and subtraction of decimals.  This will move relatively quickly, so look for a test over all of Topic 2 the first week of October.
Language Arts

  • Students have been reviewing Story Elements all week.  A Story Elements Quiz will be given on Monday, September 26th.  
  • Students have also been practicing Wordly Wise Lesson 3 Vocabulary.  There will be a Lesson 3 Wordly Wise Test on Thursday, September 29th.  Click below to study the Wordly Wise Vocabulary quizlet.


  • Students will begin reviewing Figurative Language Elements by taking notes and listening to popular songs that have examples of Figurative Language within the lyrics.  
  • “Time for Kids” Magazine and Worksheet worth 17 points will be given on Monday and due on Friday, September 30th for Morning Work.

My Homework Website Link: http://kenstonlocal.org/tobul/


  • We have finished our first chapter in science, and will now take a look at Earth’s Ecosystems.
  • The students will be completing a biome project with a partner in Instructional Technology with Mrs. Johnston that they will share in science class for a grade while we cover this chapter.
  • Look for a quiz over the first lesson of chapter 6 on Friday, September 30.
Social Studies

  • Like Science, we have completed our first chapter of Social Studies.  We will now begin Chapter 2 – Planet Earth.
  • Students will be learning the new vocabulary for Chapter 2 as well as read and learn about Section 1.


Important Information:

  • Inside your child’s Friday Folder is a progress report from Mrs. Olup-Young for science and math.  It states your child’s grades for math and science through the first 6 weeks of school, as well as how they are performing in certain behavioral areas.  Please read it over, as Mrs. Olson will also have a copy of this to review.  Mrs. Tobul will be sending home the same paper for language arts and social studies when she goes on her leave in a few weeks.  Ms. Caputo will also have a copy of it to review as well.
  • Also in your child’s Friday Folder is a conference paper for October 20 and 25.  This year because both Mrs. Olup-Young and Mrs. Tobul will be gone during that time, conferences will be held in each homeroom.  If you would like a conference you will need to sign up with Mrs. Olson for Mrs. Olup-Young’s homeroom or Ms. Caputo for Mrs. Tobul’s homeroom.


Shout Outs

(a section to celebrate awesome things)

  • My shout out this week goes to both homerooms for being so amazing for the first 6 weeks of school!  I can’t believe it’s time for me to leave, but I have truly enjoyed getting to know all the children, and appreciate all their hard work!~Mrs. Olup-Young
  • A HUGE shout out to both homerooms….I am so impressed with the projects that have been completed and turned in for the Summer Reading Project that was due Thursday, September 22nd.  On Friday, September 23rd we will have a walking museum in our classroom.  Students will not only get to show off their hard work, but also get to see what their peers created as well!  I am so proud of everyone for their dedication.  I cannot wait to begin reading all you have provided about your summer reading books!  ~ Mrs. Tobul


A Final Note From Mrs. Olup-Young Until December….

Hello Families!

It is with both excitement and sadness that I say goodbye for the next 10 weeks.  If my sweet baby girl is not born this weekend, she will be born on Tuesday, September 27.  With that being said, my return date will be Tuesday, December 6.  It is my hope that your children will continue to grow in both academics, as well as character, as I have already started to see them mature and shine.  Mrs. Olson is excited to begin this short adventure, and is happy to be with your children on Monday.  She will have her own email account, so you will be able to email her directly with any questions, but you can also feel free to email me as well.  I might even run into some of you through my daughter’s school events!  Your children will be in good hands as both Mrs. Tobul and I have been working very hard to prepare our replacements with everything they need.  Have a wonderful 10 weeks!  I’ll be thinking of you all.

Mrs. Olup-Young

Newsletter, September 16, 2016

The T.O.Y Report


September 16, 2016


 We had a busy week in

math!  The students

finished up Topic 1: Place

Value today with a test

over the material.

 Next week we will begin

Topic 2: Addition and

Subtraction of Decimals.

The students will take a

pretest over this

information on Monday.

This will help me formulate

a plan to make their

learning more successful.

 Here are things you can do

at  home to help your child

with success on this topic:

1. Roll a number cube five

times.  Use the digits to

write two decimal numbers

(23.4 and 1.6)

2. Write an addition and

subtraction sentence using

the two decimal numbers.

(23.4 + 1.6)

3. Estimate the answer to

each sentence by

rounding, then actually

answer it.

Language Arts

 Students have begun reviewing

Story Elements by discussing and

taking notes in class.

 Wordly Wise Lesson 3 Vocabulary will

be introduced this coming Monday,

Sept 19th.

 Students were again given time in

class this week to continue the

Summer Reading Tic-Tac- Toe

assignment – due Thursday,

September 22 nd .  They had access to

chromebooks and could ask me

questions about the projects they

chose.  They are making some good


 Next week, there will be no quizzes or

tests in Language Arts.  Instead, I

would like them to focus on finishing

up their Summer Reading Projects.

 In two weeks, we will have a Story

Elements Quiz on Monday,

September 26th and a Wordly Wise

Test on Thursday, September 29th

My Homework Website Link:

Mrs. Tobul’s Home Page


 This week we finished

reading Chapter 5 of our

textbook on Cycles in the

Biosphere.  We will be

completing several

activities next week to help

us get ready for our test,

which will be on Friday,

September 23. As a class

we will complete a study

plan on Monday, but

Social Studies

 This week, students learned about

the Five Themes of Geography by

creating a flip book as well as the Six

Essential Elements of Geography and

the different types of Satellite


 Next week, we will finish the Chapter

and begin preparing for the Chapter

1 test.  Students were given a ½

sheet study guide as well as a study

plan worksheet yesterday.  We will

also study in class to help prepare.

students should already be

reviewing vocabulary.  On

my Google Classroom site I

put a direct link to the

quizlet created for this


The Chapter 1 Test will be Thursday,

September 22nd

Important Information:

 How do I get on to Mrs. Olup-Young’s Google Classroom?  That is a

question I have heard a lot lately! 🙂  Have your child log in to their

email.  Each time I post an assignment for homework, your child gets

an email letting them know they need to complete it.  Through that

email, they can link up to Google Classroom.  Once there, they will also

see the many videos and notes I have posted to help them with the

topics we are covering.  To access their email you need their

username and password.  They know these, but if you need help,

please feel free to email me or Mrs. Tobul.

 Homework for Mrs. Olup-Young is also posted on the website under

her name. Click under assignments and you should see a calendar.

Assignments are posted on the day they are due, so if I give

homework on Monday that is due on Tuesday, it will be posted on

Tuesday.  Just click on it, and the assignment will be visible to you.

 Don’t forget to check Infinite Campus for grade updates!

 School pictures are Friday, September 23.  Don’t forget to fill out your

envelope either online, or turned in.

 Hearing and Vision Screening takes place for all 5th graders on

Tuesday, September 20.

Shout Outs

(a section to celebrate awesome things)

 This week my shout out goes to Alexis Black.  Alexis has worked very

hard on preparing for all of her tests and quizzes, and it shows!

Fabulous job! ~Mrs. Olup-Young

 A shout out to Lexie Nero for working really hard this week.  She did a

great job participating in class, reading out loud and asking some

great questions in both Social Studies and Language Arts.  Keep up

the great work! ~ Mrs. Tobul

An update from Mrs. Olup-Young~

Hello Families!  It’s official, my last day of school will be Friday, September 23

if the baby does not come beforehand.  I will be returning 10 weeks from

when the baby is born, which will probably be Monday or Tuesday of the

last week of December.  It has been a pleasure to work with your children

for the past 5 weeks, and hopefully, I’ll get one more week with them until I

return in December.  Mrs. Olson is excited to get to know your children, and

has been in our classroom to visit with them and get the lay of the land.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.  Have a wonderful weekend!

~Mrs. Olup-Young

Newsletter-September 1, 2016

The T.O.Y Report


September 1, 2016



  • Our first quiz went off well!  The students are getting used to a different format for math, and have been working hard!
  • Next week, we will continue to focus on place value, but now compare decimals and round them.
  • Look for a quiz over lessons 1-4 and 1-5 on Friday, September 9.  This quiz will cover understanding decimal place value, and comparing decimals.  I have shown students many different ways that they can review for these quizzes.  Check in with them to see if they are in fact reviewing!
Language Arts

  • Students completed their first Wordly Wise Vocabulary Test Wednesday.  This is a change from last year’s Word Wisdom workbook.  Nice job preparing!!
  • Students were given time in class to begin the Summer Reading Tic-Tac-Toe assignment – due Thursday, September 22nd.  They had access to chrome books and could ask me questions about the projects they chose.  They are making some good progress.
  • Next week, students will be writing about their summer vacation, moving on to Lesson 2 of Wordly Wise and reviewing Literary Genres. No Quizzes next week!

My Homework Website Link:    http://kenstonlocal.org/tobul/


  • This past week we took our quiz over Chapter 5, lesson 1 on respiration and photosynthesis.  Please encourage your child to go to my Google Classroom, as I post lots of different videos and study guides to help with retention of information.
  • Next week, we will discuss nitrogen fixation and the water cycle, which is located in Chapter 5, Lesson 2.
Social Studies

  • This week, students finished working on multi-tiered timelines and were introduced to Chapter 1: Lesson 1 – Studying Geography.
  • Next week, we will continue working on Chapter 1: Lessons 2 and 3 focusing on the Five Themes of Geography and different branches of geography.


Important Information:

  • No school on Friday, September 2 and Monday, September 5!
  • Please encourage your child to bring a water bottle, as it is incredibly warm, particularly in the afternoons!
  • There is a technology issue with the homework calendar on Mrs. Olup-Young’s website.  For some reason the assignments aren’t posting to that calendar.  Until that issue is resolved, please have your child check Google Classroom daily to make sure they are finding homework and helpful hints!


Shout Outs

(a section to celebrate awesome things)

  • Congratulations to Lindy Kerchenski and Emerson Greene!  They will be representing our class for student council.  Good luck to Will Belew as he has entered cookies and a basket in the Geauga County Fair this weekend!~Mrs. Olup-Young
  • Congratulations to Janie Kerchenski and Katie Harvey!  They will be representing our class for student council this year.  Great job to both classes for scoring very high on last week’s Continent, Ocean and Directions Quiz in Social Studies.  The lowest score was a B+!  Way to go!  ~ Mrs. Tobul


A note from Mrs. Olup-Young…
Hello Families!  I am excited to let you know that they have found my temporary replacement for the months of October and December!  My replacement will be Nancy Olson, a retired-veteran teacher, who has a rich background in mathematics.  Mrs. Olson was a former 5th grade teacher here at KIS, and lives in the Bainbridge area.  I will be working with her over the next several weeks to discuss important information that needs to be covered, as well as class set-up, and implementation.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me over the next few weeks.  I’m now making my weekly visits to the doctor, so if anything changes I will certainly let you know.  Thank you for sharing your amazing children with me!  I’m already seeing growth in all of them.  Have a great holiday weekend!
Mrs. Olup-Young

Newsletter August 26, 2016

T.O.Y. report


August 26, 2016



  • This week we focused on place value for both whole numbers and decimals.  Look for a quiz over the first 3 lessons on Thursday, September 1.  Students have all 3 lessons in their binders.  They can re-do problems on these pages to practice for their quiz.  We will begin lesson 3 on Monday, so they won’t receive that information until then.
  • Students learned two additional ways to write numbers in standard form. Please ask them to show you where those samples can be found in their notes.
Language Arts

This week, we have focused on the Daily 3 and building stamina during Read to Self time.  Both classes have reached 15 minutes of continuous reading without stopping (last week we started with 3 minute increments).  Students have also learned 4 strategies to help them with their reading – Check for Understanding, Back up and Re-read, Cross Checking and Tune in to Interesting words.  Students began the first lesson in our Wordly Wise Vocabulary Workbooks.  Students were also introduced to the Summer Reading Tic-Tac-Toe assignment – due Thursday, September 22nd.

Next week, we will continue to practice comprehension strategies as well as launch work on writing during Daily 3 time.  Students will have a Wordly Wise Vocabulary Test on Wed. August 31st worth 27 points – they can use the quizlet on my homework website to help prepare. Students can continue working on the Summer Reading Tic-Tac-Toe assignment.  Use the link below to view my homework website for both Language Arts and Social Studies.

Website Link: http://kenstonlocal.org/tobul/


  • We started to read about both photosynthesis and respiration, including watching a demonstration on how a certain chemical changes color when Carbon Dioxide is present.
  • Next week on Wednesday, August 31 we will have our first quiz in science, covering Chapter 5, Lesson 1.  Students should know all about the carbon and oxygen cycles, as well how photosynthesis and respiration work and are related.  We will finish reading about these things on Monday.
Social Studies

This week, students have been reviewing and practicing the Continents, Oceans and Directions for their test today worth 15 points.  We also have been learning and practicing multi-tier timelines.
Next week, we will finish working on multi-tiered timelines.  Students will begin reading Chapter 1: Lesson 1 – Studying Geography.  


Important Information:
No School – Friday, September 2nd or Monday, September 5th
It was so wonderful to meet so many of you at parent orientation this week.  Your children are turning into great mathematicians and scientists already!  Be sure to continue to check with your child about daily assignments.  Have a wonderful weekend! ~Mrs. Olup-Young
It was so nice to meet you this week!  During Parent Orientation on Wednesday, I forgot to mention criteria for Honors English classes in the middle school.  Mrs. Peace (Honors English Teacher) explained that not only do students recommended for Honors English need to be excellent readers, but they also have to be strong writers. The work load in Honors English requires a lot of written responses.  She also looks for excellent topic sentences, proper grammar, sentence structure and organization.  I will be working with each of your children throughout the year on all of these areas and use my data gathered from these meetings to recommend students who possess these skills to Honors classes.  As we work throughout the year, I would be happy to give updates on areas of strength and areas that need improvement for your child.  Please just send an email. ~ Mrs. Tobul


Shout Outs

(a section to celebrate awesome things)

  • Congratulations to both classes on making it through a full week of school, especially because it was so hot!~Mrs. Olup-Young
  • Both classes, way to go on increasing your reading stamina to 15 minutes or above without stopping!  After seeing you this week, I cannot wait to see how long you can read next week!  

           ~ Mrs. Tobul

Newsletter August 19, 2016

The T.O.Y Report


August 19, 2016

We had a busy last 3 days!  Your child took a pretest for 5th grade math this week.  This data will allow me to see what they know, and how I can enrich or teach each standard I need to address.
Next week, we will begin looking at place value in both the whole number system and with decimals.
Language Arts
What a great first week of school!  In the past three days, we have established expectations for the Daily 3 – Read to Self, Work on Writing and Word Work (Vocabulary).  Students are beginning to learn different strategies on how to choose a good fit book and ways to comprehend when reading.
Next week, we will continue to learn comprehension strategies when we read to self as well as begin working on vocabulary.

Yesterday, your child filled out a collage brainstorm sheet about themselves and science in their lives.  They should use this sheet to help them find pictures and words to glue onto their final poster, which they received today.  This collage is due Tuesday, August 23.  I showed them some samples today.
Next week, we will begin learning about our environment.

Social Studies

Yesterday and today, students have been working on a Textbook Scavenger Hunt.  This is a great strategy for students to work in table groups to find the answers to each question.
Next week, we will begin to learn and work on multi-tiered timelines.

Important Information:

What a great first few days we have had!  The children have really adjusted well to their new classes.  Just a few reminders:  Mrs. Olup-Young teaches math and science and Mrs. Tobul teaches Language Arts and social studies.  For math and science, students need a 2” binder.  Both their math and science materials will go in this binder.  ~Mrs. Olup-Young

I have truly enjoyed getting to know your child this week.  As we continue working on Read to Self, one important thing is to make sure your child has a book at school.  ~ Mrs. Tobul

We hope to see you on Wednesday, August 24th at 7:00pm for Parent Orientation.

Google Classroom

Just a reminder that all homework can be found in Google Classroom.

How do I get there?

  1. Go to your gmail account through Kenston.
  2. Look for the 9 block grid in the upper right-hand corner.  Click on the grid.
  3. Scroll down to where it says more Google Options, and click on it.
  4. Look for Google Classroom, click, and you will be connected to your assignments.