Middle School

Speech and Debate Team

2019-2020 Tournament Schedule:

(you are not required to go to all of the tournaments)

  • November 23 — Mentor
  • December 7 — Olmsted Falls
  • December 14 — Vermilion
  • December 21 — Kenston
  • January 4 — Brecksville-Broadview Heights
  • January 18 — Hathaway Brown/John Carroll University
  • January 25 — Solon
  • February 8 — Rhodes
  • February 22 –Kenston
  • March 14 — States


State Tournament: 3/9/19

KMS excelled at the Middle School States tournament held at Poland Middle School in Youngstown.  Seventh grade Public Forum debaters Peter Como and Brett King are KMS’s first ever State Champions in a Speech and Debate event!  Congressional Debate competitors Devin Cinch and Ella Jewell qualified for finals in Congressional Debate.  Just missing a medal were Big Questions debaters Jacob Gertsburg who placed seventh and Hunter Kestranek who placed eighth.  Recording personal bests in Interpretation were Autumn Marshall and Lillian McCleery.  Nathan Rolf competed in Big Questions debate for the first time this season.

Rhodes: 2/9/19

Congratulations to all 17 KMS students attending the last regular season tournament of the year, which was held at John Ford Rhodes High School.  In Big Questions Debate, Hunter Kestranek came in third place while Kate Smith come in sixth place in her first tournament ever and Jacob Gertsburg came in eighth place.  In Public Forum Debate, the team of Peter Como and Brett King placed fifth while the team of Bobby Delzell and Beckham Cornell placed seventh.  Eden Truax placed third in Interpretation, while Devin Cinch placed fourth in Congressional Debate.

Solon: 1/26/19

KMS’s Speech and Debate Team continued its success this season at the Solon tournament.  Congratulations to Devin Cinch for placing third in Congressional Debate and to Eden Truax for placing sixth in Interpretation.  In Big Questions Debate, where students are debating whether humans are primarily driven by self-interest, Jacob Gertsburg placed fourth, Elena Perrine placed eighth, and Hunter Kestranek placed ninth.  Competing in a new event this week (Public Forum Debate), Peter Como and Brett King placed ninth with a three win and one loss record where they debated whether the US should prioritize reducing the national debt over promoting economic growth.  A big welcome to Payton Fetzner and Alexa Hebert for competing for the first time at a speech and debate tournament.

John Carroll University: 1/5/19

After working hard during Winter Break, KMS’s speech and debate team competed at Hathaway Brown and John Carroll University.  In Big Questions Debate, Peter Como placed third, Brett King placed fifth, Hunter Kestranek placed seventh, and Jacob Gertsburg placed eighth.  In Original Oratory, Mikey Surtel placed fourth as did Eden Truax in Interpretation.  In Congressional Debate, Devin Cinch placed seventh.  In Public Forum Debate, Bobby Delzell and Beckham Cornell placed seventh.  In Declamation, Erriana Strong placed eighth and Olivia Reily placed ninth.  Rounding out the team were Conner Ries and Nathan Rolf who beat a Brecksville-Broadview Heights Public Forum Team, and Lillian McCleery who gave several speeches in Congressional Debate.

Kenston: 12/15/18

KMS’s speech and debate team hosted its annual tournament  and competed against ten middle schools. In Big Questions Debate, Jacob Gertsburg placed 2nd, Elena Perrine placed 3rd, Aiden Truax placed 4th, Brett King placed 5th, and Peter Como placed 7th. In Oratory, Michael Surtel placed 4th.  Eden Truax placed 5th in Interpretation. Beckham Cornell and Bobby Delzell won half of their debates, defeating teams from West Geauga and Brecksville-Broadview Heights.  Competing in their first tournament ever were Nathan Rolf and Conner Ries in Pubic Forum Debate, who defeated a team from Chagrin Falls.  Also competing for the first time were Olivia Reily in Declamation and Lily McCleery in Congressional Debate.  Congrats to all sixteen students from KMS who competed!

Vermilion: 12/8/18

Nine middle schoolers traveled to Vermilion to compete against numerous other middle schools.  Peter Como placed second in Big Questions Debate, Madeline Ramsey placed third in Oratory, Elena Perrine placed fourth in Big Questions Debate, and Devin Cinch placed sixth in Congressional Debate.  Brett King, Eden Truax and Beckham Cornell, as well as Elena and Devin, competed in their first ever speech and debate tournament.  Rounding out the team were returning team members Bobby Delzell and Jacob Gertsburg who have been helping their new teammates prepare for the last few weeks.

Mentor: 11/17/18

The two KMS students taking advantage of a middle school speech and debate early-bird tournament opportunity had amazing results. Peter Como was the Middle School tournament champion in Big Questions Debate going undefeated at Mentor while Jacob Gertsburg placed fourth.


Kenston’s speech and debate team competed in Vermilion at the first ever Middle School State Championship, sponsored by The Ohio Speech and Debate Association.  Cadie Matty placed fourth in Congressional Debate, Jacob Gertsburg placed fourth and Peter Como placed sixth in Big Questions Debate, and Justin Spehar placed sixth in Declamation.  Just missing earning a medal were Ryann Greulich who placed seventh in Congressional Debate and Micah Greenberg who placed ninth in Interpretation.

Rhodes: 2/10/18

Placing at the tournament were Mike Greenberg, Second in Interpretation; Ryann Greulich, Fifth in Congressional Debate; Peter Como, Fourth in Big Questions Debate; and Jacob Gertsburg, who placed Sixth in Big Questions Debate in his first tournament.

Solon: 1/27/18

Congratulations to Cadie Matty for placing 1st in Congressional Debate and to Mike Greenberg for placing 3rd in Interpretation.  Also placing in the top half of Congressional Debate were Cooper Akers, Sara Strongosky, and Peter Como, who with Cadie were among nine KMS students competing in Congressional Debate, a Kenston record!

Brecksville-Broadview Heights: 1/20/18

Peter Como placed fifth in Big Questions Debate, and Cadie Matty placed sixth in Congressional Debate.  A special shout out to Sophia Alandt and Sara Strongosky for doing great at their first tournament ever. Congrats to Dominic Clark for being elected Presiding Officer in Congressional Debate.

John Carroll University and Hathaway Brown School: 1/6/18

Mike Greenberg was crowned tournament champion in Interpretation. Other noteworthy results include Peter Como, 6th place Big Questions Debate; Justin Spehar, 7th place Declamation; and Cadie Matty, 10th place Congressional Debate.

Kenston: 12/16/17

Crowned tournament champion was Madeline Ramsey in Declamation, while Justin Spehar placed 4th in that event.  Mike Greenberg placed 6th in Interpretation.  In Congressional Debate, Cadie Mattie placed 4th, Cooper Akers placed 7th, and Dominic Clark and Lauren Loveman tied for 9th.  Competing in their first tournaments ever were Lauren Loveman in Congressional Debate, Molly Bochenek in Oratory, and Autumn Marshall in Big Questions Debate.

Vermilion:  10/28/17

In Congressional Debate, Cadie Matty placed 1st, Alex Prodan placed 2nd and Ryann Greulich placed 3rd.  Peter Como went undefeated and placed first in Big Questions Debate.  Competing for the first time in Congressional Debate were Madeline Ramsey and Dominic Clark.

Revere:  3/11/17

Seventeen KMS students competed at Revere High School.  Dylan Britton placed third in Declamation.  Seventh graders Mike Greenberg, Dominic Clark, and Jake Eastburn also deserve special mention for doing great while competing in their first speech tournament ever.  The entire team’s hard work and achievements throughout the season caused the Ohio High School Speech League to recognize KMS & KHS at the tournament as one of the Most Promising Programs in Ohio.

Gilmour: 2/11/17

The Duo Interpretation team of Adler Weber and Jason Spehar were the tournament champions for the third straight tournament.  Dylan Britton placed second in Declamation, and Alex Prodan placed third in United States Extemporaneous Speaking.  Kenston’s debaters had a seven win and two loss record for the second tournament in a row.  Out of the thirty-two Public Forum Debate teams at the tournament, the team of Okan Kardzhala and Marcus Novak placed second with a three win and no loss record, and the team of Lauren Drozdowski and Claire Rottman placed ninth with a two win and one loss record.  The team of Johnny Martino and Henry Cregar also had a two win and one loss record.

Solon: 1/28/17

Placing first were the team of Jason Spehar and Adler Weber in Duo Interpretation, for their second championship. In Extemporaneous Speaking, Ryann Greulich placed seventh and Zhen Henrikson placed eighth.  Kenston’s Public Forum Debate teams had a combined record of seven wins and two losses.  Partners Henry Cregar and Brennan Fisher went undefeated and placed fourth out of 33 teams.  Lauren Drozdowski and Claire Rottman placed sixth, while Okan Kardzhala and Marcus Novak placed tenth.

Hathaway Brown: 12/17/16

The Public Forum Debate team of Henry Cregar and Brennan Fisher went undefeated and placed first while the team of Okan Kardzhala and Marcus Novak also went undefeated and placed fourth. In United States Extemporaneous Speaking, Alexander Prodan placed fourth, Zhen Henrikson placed fifth, and Ryann Greulich placed sixth.  Competing in her first tournament, Dylan Britton placed fifth in Declamation.

Vermilion: 12/10/16

Placing first were the team of Jason Spehar and Adler Weber in Duo Interpretation and Alexander Prodan in United States Extemporaneous Speaking.  Placing second were Johnny Martino in Congressional Debate, the team of Samantha Henrikson and Zhen Henrikson in Duo Interpretation, and Ryann Greulich in United States Extemporaneous Speaking.  The Public Forum Debate team of Okan Kardzhala and Marcus Novak placed fourth.

Brecksville-Broadview Heights: 11/12/16

The Public Forum Debate team of Okan Kardzhala and Marcus Novak went undefeated and placed first while the team of Claire Rottman and Lauren Drozdowski placed second.  In Extemporaneous Speaking, Ryann Greulich and Alexander Prodan tied for first place.  Also lodging wins in their first debate tournament were the Public Forum Debate teams of Henry Cregar & Brennan Fisher, and Nathan Gaskins & Nick Calvello.