Middle School

Clubs & Activities

Computer Club

Computer Club Website


Adviser:  David Williams
Email: david.williams@kenstonapps.org

Computer Club is an after school program that provides students with the opportunity for enrichment in the field of computer science.  Students may choose to learn programming skills, design web sites, or work with video editing software and equipment.

Art Club

Art Club Website


Adviser: Elizabeth Vejar-Olwert
Email: elizabeth.vejar-olwert@kenstonapps.org

Art Club is open to all KMS students who wish to explore different types of art projects in depth. The club is individualized to the needs of the group. Art Club meets once a week and concentrates on one of the arts for several sessions, so students can develop strength in an area they enjoy, beyond what they do in class. Commitment and joy in creating are the requirements.

Power of the Pen

Adviser: Tamara Cabrera-Perrine
Email: tamara.cabrera-perrine@kenstonapps.org

Power of the Pen is a comprehensive program designed to strengthen the creative talents of young writers. We meet weekly to discuss our ideas and share our writings. We strive to provide an open, safe environment in which our writers can experiment with their creativity and try new avenues of expression. Power of the Pen culminates in the District, Regional, and State Competitions. All seventh and eighth grade students are welcome to join Power of the Pen.

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad - KMS

Adviser: Mike Rossiter
Email: kms.so@kenstonapps.org

Science Olympiad is devoted to increasing student interest and involvement in the sciences. Tournaments are held nationwide, and are rigorous academic competitions comprised of individual and team events focusing on biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, computers, technology, and engineering. The team is open to students in grades 6-8.

Speech and Debate Team

Speech and Debate Website - KMS


Adviser: Stephan Voudris
Email: stephan.voudris@kenstonapps.org

The KMS speech and debate team competes against other middle schools in Northeast Ohio in academic competitions once a month on Saturdays from late October through mid-March in events that focus on debating, public speaking or acting.  Middle school events include Public Forum Debate (2 vs. 2), Policy Debate (2 vs. 2), Big Questions Debate (1 vs. 1), Congressional Debate, Oratory, Declamation, and Interpretation (either Humorous or Dramatic).  The team is open to students in grades 6-8.