Fall Party Information

Dear Parents,
We look forward to our fall parties on the afternoon of Wednesday October, 31.  Please recognize that we must put restrictions on costumes to ensure the safety of all involved. Students should bring their costumes with them to change into.  I ask that  you adhere to the following restrictions:
  • No Face Paint or Fake Blood
  • Masks cannot cover the face
  • No Hair Paint
  • No Clown Costumes
  • No Real or Fake Weapons

If you have questions regarding your student’s costume or what he/she can wear, please email your homeroom teacher or call the office.

Dress Code

On a day to day basis, students are not permitted to wear shorts to school when the predicted temperature is to be below 70 degrees.  Recess can be a very cold experience for them if they are not appropriately dressed.  I appreciate your attention to this matter and appreciate your continued support of Kenston Schools!



Image by suju on Pixabay