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Kenston Dogs


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Welcome to the Dog Page!  This page will be edited by Kayleigh Fisher and Emma Magyarics.  Bennett Wenger, Kyle Mcabier, and Luke Smith started this page because of their love for dogs. If you love dogs too, send a picture of your dog to KHS@KenstonLocal.com to be featured on the website.

How to Tell Your Dog You Love Them on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's DogDo you want to show your dog you love them on Valentine’s Day? It might be easier than you think to communicate with your dog. According to canine behaviorist Dr. Stanley Coren, a dog is able to learn around 165 words and your dog is more likely to respond to a sweet-sounding, high pitched, or excited voice. A research group in Budapest used MRI scanning to show that dogs’ brains respond to human voices in the same basic ways as humans. While humans have a smaller, more specialized part of the brain dealing with spoken language, humans and dogs both use the same area of the brain to process the emotional meaning of certain speech patterns. To tell your dog you love them, just speak to them in a loving way. You will be sure to make their Valentine’s Day.

If you want to show your love in gifts, here are some gift ideas to give your dog on Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day is a great day to show your love and spoil your dog!

The Best Dog For You

There are many different kinds of dogs you can get, but it is important to pick the right kind for you. For example, if you have a family with little kids you should definitely get a dog that gets along with children. Breeds that would be good are ones that are calm and patient, such… Continue Reading