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Go Bombers!


Go Bombers!

Finals Are Here – Don’t Stress!

The semester is coming to an end, which means finals are quickly approaching. Finals week can be the most stressful time for a student, whether in high school or college. You want to make sure you are prepared for your exam with these study tips, which will help you conquer your finals. To do this you can organize a group study session. It can be very helpful to study in groups. Another thing you can do is make sure to study things that may not be given on a study guide. Make sure to stay well rested and prioritize your study time. Also try quizzing yourself and reorganizing your notes. Make sure to make it fun. It’s easier to focus if you adapt to studying by quizzing yourself, creating acronyms or rewarding yourself for a job well done. Create a game that allows you to accomplish tasks and be rewarded for each. Good luck on your finals to each Kenston student!

What Do The Holidays Mean To You?

It’s the holiday season and students are getting excited! Aside from stressing out over upcoming finals, students and faculty are looking forward to Kenston’s winter break. This year break starts after finals on Friday, December 20 and goes until Sunday, January 6. With Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the New Year coming up, a few students shared… Continue Reading

Don’t Stress Out It’s Only A Final

Ending the first semester can be a very jolly, yet stressful time of the year. With finals coming up there are a couple important factors one must have knowledge of. The first being to make sure you’re as prepared as possible for your upcoming finals. I recommend going over your notes thoroughly, and maybe consider… Continue Reading

Early Graduation

Congratulations to the students who’s last day is on Friday, you’ve come a long way. It is important to make sure you have turned your iPad in to the library by Thursday, if you have not already. Also make sure your locker is cleaned out and left open by the end of the day on… Continue Reading

Holiday Gifts

As of today, Christmas is officially only a week away! You’re probably stressed out, trying to find the perfect gift for your sister or best friend before it’s too late. Don’t worry if you waited until the last minute, your fellow students at Kenston have offered their help.  Junior Sam Wein recommended traditional gifts such… Continue Reading

Winter Break Begins

Many of Kenston’s students have been looking forward to winter break.This week is the last week before break begins, this means that a lot of students are rushing to get their classes and work over with so break will come quicker. Although it is the end of the year, these grades are some of the… Continue Reading

Winter Break

After this week it will finally be break. Before we can get to all the fun activities over break everyone must complete finals. Thursday and Friday at the end of the this week is when the finals will be. So this whole week will be filled with lots of studying and hard work.  After our… Continue Reading

Winter Break

It is already that time of year, winter break! There is one more week of school until the much needed break begins. Thursday and Friday students have finals and will get out of school early on those days. Thursday is first and third block finals and Friday is second and fourth block finals. The last… Continue Reading