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2019 After-Prom Fashion Show

On Friday, March 15th, the juniors and seniors participated in a lively dance competition! The profits raised all went towards the after-prom funds in order to make prom night fun and enjoyable. Each student in these grades had an opportunity to sign up and form groups to show their dance moves off. Two junior groups and three senior groups participated. The juniors had a camo group lead by Matt Rosinski and Aidan Zak and a hawaiian group lead by Macey Chamberlin and Morgan Owens. The seniors had three separate groups with group #1 lead by Allison Kosinski and Izzy Gabram, group #2 lead by Jack Roman and Anna Rini, and group #3 lead by Erin Lawes and Heather Koplow. The seniors boys all wore tuxedos provided by American Commodore. The senior girls wore formal dresses and some were also provided by American Commodore. The competition was fierce. All groups had unique dances, but the seniors ended up winning in the end. To all going to prom, especially boys, check out American Commodore for tuxedo rental to look stylish for prom this year! The more friends you get to use your coupon code the more money you get off your rental and more prizes you could win!

Check out the awesome pictures Mr. C took at the fashion show!

Check out the Camo Group’s dance


Why Do People Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Every year on March 17, parades are thrown and shades of green fill the streets, but for what reason? St Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world, especially by Irish descent. Most people will dye foods green and wear green-colored clothes. Most Irish communities will host parades or parties to celebrate the well-known holiday.… Continue Reading

Is the College Process Too Difficult?

Interview with Natalie Wasinski (junior), Sarah Soryal (junior), Emily Cronin (junior), and Rhianna Patrick (senior). Q: Is the college process too difficult? N: Yes S: Yes E: Yes R: Not really Q: How are the SAT’s and ACT’s? N: Stupid E: The process is dumb R: I think they’re not good judgments of what you… Continue Reading

4-H Page

This page is for all the 4-H’s that go to Kenston High School and this page by a fellow 4-H and my name is Logan Goodrich. I show lambs or sheep like everyone knows them as. I have been in 4-H for 7 years now. I have gotten Reserve Grand Champion and Grand Champion. I… Continue Reading

The Return of Pokemon Go?

Recently, at Kenston High School, the game Pokemon Go has gotten everyone roaming the halls again searching for those digital creatures! We took Riley Soltis aside for a quick interview on the game. Q – Is this your first time playing Pokemon Go in a while? A – “Yes, it is! I’m really satisfied with… Continue Reading

Pokemon Go Come back ?

Interview with Toby Wardega Q. What is Pokemon go? A. Pokemon go is an app where you walk around and catch wild Pokemon, you want to catch all the Pokemon you can and you want to catch the highest CP Pokemon CP stands for Combat power. You can also play with friends battle friends, it… Continue Reading

Interview with Matt Schlessel

What is your favorite movie? White Chicks What is your favorite sport?  Baseball What position do you play? Shortstop, Third base, and Pitcher What is your favorite food? Cheeseburger (preferably from 5 guys) If you could play on only Xbox or PlayStation which would you choose? Xbox What is your favorite season? Summer What is… Continue Reading

Playlist of the KHS Hallways

Music is a universal language that everyone can relate to. A person’s music taste can help you understand their personality and what they’re going through. Music trends can change drastically over time, and are determined by youth culture. I took to the halls of Kenston High School to see what was being played in their… Continue Reading