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Juniors Win Powder Puff Game!

Juniors Win Powder Puff Game!

10/30 Juniors Win Powder Puff Game! Photos

Indian New Year

Diwali is one of the most important Hindu festivals in India, but the colorful customs and meanings associated with it can vary depending on where you travel in the country. It was celebrated on November 8, 2018. People greet and wish each other Happy New Year. Exchanging messages, greeting cards and gifts are part and… Continue Reading

Why do you love Kenston?

Kenston is a place of compassion and determination. The teaching staff and student body all come together as one to accomplish one goal, to create a peaceful environment. We call this PEAK. I went around the school asking students why they love Kenston so much and here are only some of the awesome responses I… Continue Reading

Senior Year!

Senior year, your final moments of high school, is a time to have fun, find yourself, prepare for the future, and create lifelong relationships and memories you’ll never forget. To some people, it is the best time of their lives yet for others it is filled with stressful events and situations. After interviewing a few… Continue Reading

Christmas Time For A Wee Little Boy

Kyle Quinlan is a fairly jolly fellow, and absolutely oozes with holiday spirit every snowfall. Sir Quinlan cannot always express the magnitude of his jolliness and he struggles to describe his inner thoughts every time the fat man in red comes to town. This is the only way the wee little boy knows how to… Continue Reading

It’s Cold

It’s like 12 degrees outside and it’s snowing. Wow! It’s like every year but a little bit earlier. Soon, everything will be covered in snow and if the squirrels didn’t get enough food they’ll starve and that’s no good. Don’t let the squirrels starve. Justin Schroeder said, “I hate the cold.” Continue Reading

First Snowfall

The first snowfall of the year has officially hit Bainbridge today. With a high of 40 degrees and a low of 21 degrees we have experienced both rain and snow. The snow is expected to stop around 2 pm and start up again at 7 pm, so if you are going to the game tonight… Continue Reading

Bomber Hangar

The snow has officially started falling, and it is time to bundle up. Time to put away your summer clothes and break out your winter collection. If you’re at a loss for winter clothes, head over to our Bomber Hangar for tons of custom made Kenston apparel. They supply scarfs, gloves, and jackets that are… Continue Reading

Student Driving In Winter

On November 9th, we had our first snowfall. I woke up to white covering the ground! Although this is very exciting news, our student drivers have to be very careful. Each morning it will  get colder and more dangerous, because it will be very slippery outside. Along with snow there will be ice on the… Continue Reading


Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, which means it’s that time of year again to celebrate how thankful you are for everything. We celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States because in 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast and that is what we know to be the first Thanksgiving… Continue Reading

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