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2017-2018 NHS Inductees

10/4 2017-2018 NHS Inductees

A Message to Seniors

This morning during homeroom, I met with Andrew Britten and discussed the possibility of including senior quotes under your portrait for the yearbook.

First and foremost, I love the idea of senior quotes. I think they are a great personal touch to the senior section of the book. With that being said (and I’m sure all of you know this), a considerable number of seniors have three main objectives when it comes to submitting senior quotes:

-Sneak something inappropriate into their quote only to be discovered after publication

-Be funny or pessimistic about their high school experience or Kenston High School

-Pick a quote that is socially, morally, or politically controversial

For this reason, yearbook advisers oftentimes avoid senior quotes for the potential problems they may cause. If the yearbook staff leaves a questionable quote in the book or takes a quote out of the book, our high school publication faces scrutiny and possible repercussions with administration, parents, and the community. These kinds of stories end up on the news every year.

Despite this, I have made a deal with Andrew that gives your class the opportunity to have senior quotes. You must meet the following requirements with NO EXCEPTIONS:

240 senior quotes must be collected by December 21st at 12:15 pm (last day before winter break). Layouts need to be created for these pages, and we cannot wait several months for quotes to be collected. If we do not meet this number (which is roughly 90% of your class) by the deadline, we will not include senior quotes. Any lower number than 240 leaves too many blank boxes on the pages and it does not look good.

No quotes can be controversial, inappropriately humorous, or unfitting for a statement that exemplifies your “personal philosophy”: basically anything that you would see on a “funny yearbook quote” Youtube video. The yearbook staff will not have the added responsibility of vetting out which quotes are acceptable and which are not. If I read through the quotes in the Google Form responses and find a single one that can be considered inappropriate, we will scrap the opportunity. This will be your responsibility as a class to handle before I receive the responses; if any students plans to do this, advise them to simply not fill out the form.

I like the class of 2019 a lot, which is why I am even considering this as an option. Show the Kenstonian staff you are capable of doing this! Good luck!

Mr. Fodor

Enter Your Quote

The Christmas Show

Last Friday, November 30th, the Kenston football team won the state championship, and made history! The Kenston Dance Team and Marching Band had the amazing opportunity to perform at the State game. The band and dance team marched on the field with their Santa hats and Christmas lights to the song “Sleigh Ride”. Then, the… Continue Reading


This Thanksgiving the CEC club ate lots of deserts. We had pumpkin pie, cookie cake, cookies, oreo’s, and more. The CEC club had several people come to our Thanksgiving party. We all had so much fun. We played several games such as naming different types of candies and asking each other questions. So far we… Continue Reading

The Cavs Game

On Wednesday, October 24, the Kenston Bomberettes, Band, and Chorus performed the pregame show during the Cavs game. The dance team and band preformed “Thriller” and “Beat it” by Michael Jackson for their portion of the pregame show. Not only did they get to perform on the same court as the Cavs, but they also… Continue Reading

The Senior Show

This Friday Night, Kenston will take on Willoughby South for the last scheduled game. The Kenston Dance Team and Marching Band will be performing the senior show. They will perform four hits from the 2000’s. The first song, “Get The Party Started” by Pink, is a hit that placed fourth in the Billboard top 100.… Continue Reading