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Assassin is in Full Swing

Ladies and gentlemen, kids old and young, the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! This week, starting April 23rd, is the week of the annual assassin game. The seniors have spent the entire school year training for this very week. Our spoons have been sharpened and our socks newly washed. As we make our way through the hallways, we keep our eyes open, watching for anyone who may be trying to eliminate us. In this game one must have no friends, only enemies. The seniors will need to forget about their academic obligations for the time being, as nothing must cloud their train of focus. This is ASSASSIN.

Seniors, I know suffering from senioritis will be making it hard to focus on anything school related, so I will restate the rules of the game below

  1. Assassin is only played from 7:35 to 2:30, and can NOT be played in class or during lunch. The game can only be played in between blocks, before, and after school as long as it is between playing hours
  2. In order to eliminate your target you must either tap them with a spoon and SAY ASSASSIN or throw a clean sock at the target, hitting them before it hits the ground. If the target catches the sock before it hits the ground they are safe for the block.
  3. If you recognize your assassin before they are able to eliminate you and yell assassin, they cannot eliminate you until after that block.
  4. Once you eliminate your target, you inherit their target.

And for the students who are not playing assassin, please, for everyone’s safety, stay out of the way.

“Best Regards, and may the odds be ever in your favor,” said Effie Trinket.

NBA Playoffs First Round

In the first round of the NBA playoffs it has been a giant roller-coaster. From the Raptors and Sixers both losing the first game of the series to DeMarcus Cousins getting injured and being out the rest of the playoffs. Already in the first round, there has been 7 ejections. Last year in the NBA… Continue Reading

Interview with Dorion Talley

Interview with Kenston Athlete Dorion Talley Q: What grade are you currently in? A: I am currently a senior Q: What sports did you play? A: I play football, run track, and play basketball Q: What advice would you give to under-class men? A: To get good grades Q: What was your favorite class at… Continue Reading

Interview with Garrett Prepetit

Q: What grade are you in? A: Junior Q: What is your favorite food? A: Lobster Q: I phone or Android? A: I phone Q: What is your favorite class at Kenston so far? A: Web Design Q: Xbox Or PlayStation? A: Xbox Q: Favorite sports team? A: Cleveland Indians Q: Favorite Movie? A: Money… Continue Reading

2019 Top 15 Seniors

Related: Photo Gallery Peyton Roth Ever since moving to the Bainbridge area back in the fifth grade, I have made a ton of amazing memories. Continuing from the Intermediate, Middle and now High School it is easy to realize how much the long painful hours affected each and every one of us as students and… Continue Reading

Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions are still images that can appear to be moving, or just a still image that makes your brain think something is happening when nothing is really happening.The dictionary definition is “Optical Illusion” is “something that deceives the eye by appearing to be other than it is” This is what some KHS students think… Continue Reading

Eat Lunch Outside

Spring is finally here and everyone can’t be more excited! The air is warm, skies are blue, and school is almost over. The best way juniors and seniors are enjoying the weather is by going outside during lunch. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and burn off some energy. Senior, Jack Haynes… Continue Reading

2019 Senior Graduation Video Information

Graduation is just quickly approaching and we need your help gathering photographs of the Class of 2019 during their Kenston school career, grades kindergarten through 12, for inclusion in the commencement video shown during graduation, May 21, 2019.  We would like to include photos of your student’s favorite Kenston moments such as: the first day… Continue Reading

Final Four 2019

The final four for college basketball starts April 6th when Auburn plays Virginia and Michigan State plays Texas Tech. The NCAA tournament has been crazy this year having many upsets. Duke was favorite to win the tournament and they are already out. The 2nd most predicted team to win was North Carolina and they have… Continue Reading