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Ten sports questions about Matt Schlessel

1. What is your favorite sport? Baseball 2. What is your most memorable sports moment? Clutch walk-off hit in seventh grade to win playoff game 3. Who is your favorite baseball player? Francisco Lindor 4. What position(s) do you play? Shortstop, Third Base, and Pitcher 5. What is your favorite baseball team? Cleveland Indians 6.… Continue Reading

Kenston Mentorships

Today, I interviewed all of the seniors in the 4th block Web Design class to see what everyone is doing for their Senior Mentorship. Dylan Polz – KMK Marketing in Chagrin Falls Kory Leahu – Sherwin Williams Headquarters in Downtown Cleveland Bri Yurkovich – Sports Therapy at Suburban Physical Therapy Jack Roman – Spitzer Chrysler… Continue Reading

Senioritis at Kenston High School

The 2018-2019 Kenston School year is coming to an end. And with less then 2 weeks left for the seniors participating in mentorship, those kiddos are coming down with a serious case of whats known as “Senioritis.” The official definition of Senioritis is “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school… Continue Reading

2019 Top 15 Seniors

Related: Photo Gallery Peyton Roth Ever since moving to the Bainbridge area back in the fifth grade, I have made a ton of amazing memories. Continuing from the Intermediate, Middle and now High School it is easy to realize how much the long painful hours affected each and every one of us as students and… Continue Reading

Fine Arts Showcase

Kenston Schools will host the fourth annual Fine Arts Showcase on Sunday, April 28 in the high school auditorium and gymnasium.  The Showcase will feature the  K-12 District Art Show and music performances by bands and choruses from both the middle and high schools.  The art show will feature a variety of student artwork from… Continue Reading

Music Department Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple

By Maddie Engoglia The Kenston High School chorus, band, and dance team members went on a trip to New York City over spring break. The students spent three days exploring the city with highlights such as Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and Central Park. “For our performing arts, you really can’t beat New York because you… Continue Reading

Fine Arts Showcase

The fourth annual Fine Arts Showcase is coming to Kenston. On April 28, the high school will be hosting this year’s Fine Arts Showcase, in the auditorium and gym, where artists from all over the district will be displayed. The official opening of the showcase is from one-three p.m. The showcase will display pieces from… Continue Reading