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Catara Dejarnette Basketball Star

Catara Dejarnette is one of Kenstons very own sports players. Catara plays girls basketball and is beyond amazing to say the least as an upcoming freshman she is on the varsity team, and that does not stop her when it comes to dominating the court. In just the first of many in her high school career she has scored over 27 three-pointers and just in her freshman career has scored over 146 points altogether. To get further into her basketball career I asked her a few questions like when she started playing and why she decided this is something she wants to do. “I started playing in third grade and I decided that was what I wanted to do when I seen my brother and dad play.”  My last question was where do you see yourself doing this in the future, and who is your role model and why”. Catara replied, “Yes I do see myself doing this in the future no doubt in my mind because I love the game, my role model is Kyrie Irving because he is unguardable and he creates shots from his handles.” Catara is a beginner and has a long way to go, so view more of her and her journey with the girls basketball team.

Girls Basketball Post Season

Don’t forget the girls basketball team’s first playoff game is this Thursday! Come out and support the girls as they enter into their new district. There are a lot of expectations this year as they were district champs last year. Although this new district might be hard, it’s not impossible. “I think we have a… Continue Reading

Girls Basketball Defeats Brush

By Alan Wood The girls basketball team defeated Brush 56 to 40 in a crucial Western Reserve Conference game. Senior forward, Rayonna Peterson, led the Bombers by scoring 21 points. Rachel Apshago also chipped in 14 points. “We all got after it on defense and utilized Rayonna in the paint and played especially hard through… Continue Reading