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Final Exam Grade Calculator

Attention Students:
Do you know how to calculate your overall grade, and what you need to receive on the final? I do! Instead of calculating it in your head and messing up on the math, there is an application out on the Internet. The link will be posted below! Claire Roch was the first one to try it out, “I am not advanced in math. If it wasn’t for the Final Exam Grade Calculator, I would have anxiety trying to find out what I need on the test”

First, you need to pull up infinite campus to see what your first quarter grade and second quarter grade is. Next, you need to enter your 1st quarter grade in the first row. Third, you need to enter your current second quarter grade in the 2nd row. Finally, you need enter the grad you want to receive in the last row. After, it will calculate what you need to receive on the final exam grade.

Have fun studying!

Link: Final Exam Grade Calculator


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