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Keirstan and Tyler Mesnick

Keirstan and Tyler MesnickKeirstan and Tyler are juniors. They’re twins and Keirstan is 8 minutes older. Their favorite holiday is Christmas. Keirstan’s favorite color is green, her favorite food is steak and she does gymnastics. Her favorite movie is “The Parent Trap” and likes to listen to country music. Tyler’s favorite color is orange, his favorite food is crab and he plays soccer. His favorite movie is “Caddyshack” and likes to listen to rap.

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Christopher Milo Speaks to Kenston

Christopher Milo, a motivational speaker, came to Kenston High School today to help kick off Say Something Week that will take place next week, February 25 – March 1st. Say Something Week is to help bring awareness about students who feel socially isolated. He shared stories about his childhood and how no one wanted to… Continue Reading

Cold Weather Hits The Country!

This week, Kenston Schools and many other schools across the country, cancelled school due to negative temperatures. Sophomore Arin Baum said, “I stayed inside and played video games.” On Wednesday January 30, and Thursday January 31, temperatures were in the negatives and with the wind chill, into the -30’s. These cold temperatures affected many people… Continue Reading