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Playlist of the KHS Hallways

Music is a universal language that everyone can relate to. A person’s music taste can help you understand their personality and what they’re going through. Music trends can change drastically over time, and are determined by youth culture. I took to the halls of Kenston High School to see what was being played in their air pods, to know what was the low down on the turn up. I asked individual students from all grades and all walks of life to know what their favorite song was and why they like it.

Eymani Middleton, Senior
Favorite song: Chi Chi, by Chris Brown
Why do you like it?: “Because it’s upbeat and I love Chris Brown”

Shalia Campbell, Senior
Favorite song: Everything, by Ella Mai and John Legend
Why do you like it?: “It has a good tempo and I like the vibe.”

Hannah Perrine, Senior
Favorite song: Silence, by Marshmello
Why do you like it?: “I like the lyrics and the beat.”

Brock Mountain, Freshman
Favorite song: I Came Thru, by YoungBoy
Why do you like it?: “It’s just a really good song.”

Will Toth, Senior
Favorite song: Work Out, by J. Cole
Why do you like it?: “It has a good tune and a good message.”

Carson Forte, Freshman
Favorite song: Trap House, by Boogie Wit Da Hoodie
Why do you like it?: “Because I’m listening to it right now.”

(We cannot put a video of the song because there is no clean version)

Hannah Andrews, Junior
Favorite song: Walk On Water, by Thirty Seconds to Mars
Why do you like it?: “Because it has a catchy beat.”

Joe Benjamin, Junior
Favorite song: Sundress, by ASAP Rocky
Why do you like it?: “It puts me in a good mood.”

Javion Middleton, Junior”
Favorite song: Ready, by Lil Baby
Why do you like it?: “It’s a good song.”

Via Carriero, Sophomore
Favorite song: Jarmin In the Dark, by Young Monks
Why do you like it?: “It reminds me of summer.”

Julia Fugedy, Senior
Favorite song: My Girl, The Temptations
Why do you like it?: “It’s super catchy.”

Ethan Brauer, Sophomore
Favorite song: Free Bird, by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Why do you like it?: “It’s a classic.”

Liz Lucarelli, Sophomore
Favorite song: Best Part, by H.E.R.
Why do you like it?: “It’s very calming.”

Autumn Case, Senior
Favorite song: When the Party’s Over, by Billie Eilish
Why do you like it?: “It just makes me cry.”

Tom Roche, Sophomore
Favorite song: a lot, by 21 Savage
Why do you like it?: “Becausee J. Cole is in it, and I like J. Cole.”

Ellie Pleune, Sophomore
Favorite song: My Boy, by Billie Eilish
Why do you like it?: “It has a nice beat.”



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