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Kenston High School Holiday Concert

On Sunday, December 9th, the Kenston High School Band and Choir hosted their annual Holiday Concert. There was a successful live-stream of the concert with over 500 viewers across the world! Over the years, the Holiday Concert has gotten so popular that this year there were two performances, one at 1:00 pm and the other at 4:00 pm. The singing and instrumental acts performed separately; then the last performance was the combined group singing and playing instruments to “Sleigh Ride”, “White Christmas”, and “A Holst Christmas”. Mrs. Green, Mr. Sell, and Mr. Link have worked very hard to prepare their students for the concert over the last few months, and it was worth it. If you missed the concert, the live-stream is still available for you to view. Click Here for the Live-Stream!

Kenston High School Annual Bomber Bowl

Tuesday, October 30th the Kenston High School juniors and seniors girls face each other in the annual Bomber Bowl. The senior girls are coached by the senior football players, and the junior girls are coached by the junior football players. Last year the seniors creamed the juniors with a score of 32-6. Come watch the… Continue Reading

Cross Country Senior Night

Friday, October 5th at 6 pm is the Boys and Girls Cross Country Senior Night! This years boys seniors include Mark Bereck, Anthony Cowoski, Jakob McConnell, Joseph Morell, Logan Orlowski, Jakob Roberts, and Kyle Silk. The senior girls are Samara Benza, Emily Hall, Ariana Iosue, Allison Klotz, Brooklyn Mack, Jessica Sunderhaft, Brooke Taylor, Kate Taylor,… Continue Reading

Vine Of The Day

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What Do English Teachers Look For?

No matter what the essay you are writing is about, English teachers look for certain elements of a great writer in your paper. I interviewed two Kenston High School English teachers, Ms. Joyce and Mr. Ray, to find out what exactly they are critiquing in an essay. What is one pet peeve you have when… Continue Reading