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“Meet the Class of 2016” Page

Kenston’s Web Design classes have been working hard to put together a “Meet the Class of 2016” page on the website. Days have been filled with selecting photos and adding student information. The page lists all of our graduating students and their kindergarten and high school pictures. Some already feature some fun answers to questions like “What is your favorite Kenston memory?”, “Who are you going to miss the most?”, and “What are your plans after high school?” Seniors need to fill out the small questionnaire linked to the page so that your answers are shown on your page. Email your appropriate answers to Mr. Continenza at KHS@kenstonlocal.com. Go check out this page and get to know your seniors before they graduate and leave for college!

Senior Graduation Packet

Attention Seniors: The senior graduation packet is due to Guidance on Friday, April 15th. This packet contains “Top 5” categories and senior superlatives for the yearbook. This is fun way to get to know our graduating class a little bit better before we all go our different ways. Subjects such as Top 5 movies, songs,… Continue Reading

If you had to get a tattoo, what would you get?

Sydney Gorski: “A single word in white ink so that I don’t have to look at it.” Julianna DiMarco: “I would get a small cross.” Michala Jepson: “Philippians 4:13.” Lauren Alarie: “A matching anchor on my ankle that my sister is also going to get.” Mr. Ray: “Yosemite Sam or the Tasmanian Devil.” Mr. Knepp:… Continue Reading

What are your plans for spring break?

Max Seewald: “I’m going on a cruise with my friends to discover my true self.” Alexis Long: “I’m going to Indianapolis and then West Philadelphia for volleyball tournaments. I’m so excited to play with my team and spend my whole break practicing in a gym! Just kidding.” Mackensie Bush: “I’m going to Martinique, France with the French… Continue Reading