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What Do The Holidays Mean To You?

It’s the holiday season and students are getting excited! Aside from stressing out over upcoming finals, students and faculty are looking forward to Kenston’s winter break. This year break starts after finals on Friday, December 20 and goes until Sunday, January 6. With Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the New Year coming up, a few students shared what their going to do over break along with what these holidays mean to them.

  • Emma Hersh: “The holidays mean spending time with my family.”
  • Emma Lutz: “The holidays mean eating good food, hanging out with my family and friends and enjoying great christmas movies!”
  • Noel Badalotti: “The holidays mean being with people I love.”
  • Liz Lucareli: “The best part about the holidays is giving and receiving presents”
  • Kory Laehu: “The holidays mean Jesus was born and a time to celebrate.”
  • Michael Payton: “The best part about the holidays is spending time with family.”
  • Dorian Talley: “The holidays mean the gift of giving.”
  • Dylan Sosnowsky: “I’m Jewish, Hanukkah was a blast!”

Senior Year!

Senior year, your final moments of high school, is a time to have fun, find yourself, prepare for the future, and create lifelong relationships and memories you’ll never forget. To some people, it is the best time of their lives yet for others it is filled with stressful events and situations. After interviewing a few… Continue Reading

Carson Makes A Touchdown

Saturday, October 6th, Kenton went head to head in an intense game of JV football at Riverside. Perseverance and determination struck Kenston’s freshman, Carson Gebeau, and continued with him the entire game. Lined up as the slot receiver, the play left him very open and agile. Instantly the ball was snapped and the play began.… Continue Reading