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Author Archives: Mackenzie Skufca

Winter Break

After this week it will finally be break. Before we can get to all the fun activities over break everyone must complete finals. Thursday and Friday at the end of the this week is when the finals will be. So this whole week will be filled with lots of studying and hard work.  After our last final on Friday we are allowed to leave and go home for break. Over break many people will celebrate Christmas. Christmas will be filled with fun, family, and food. Hopefully it will snow Christmas Eve, so there will be a white Christmas. Many will also spend time with their families or spend time with their friends. Some people might even go on vacation, whether it be very warm or not. You can go for a drive and see all the pretty decorations and lights. You can also just stay home and make a fire and watch movies. One of our students, Skylar Cornell said, “I am excited to spend time with friends and family.”  Hopefully you will have a fun and great Winter break.


Winter is approaching us very soon. Many students are either very excited, or not excited at all. Winter means new favorite sports starting at Kenton. One favorite is ski club. The big Winter Concert will be performed again this Winter. This season also means looking forward to snow days. Getting to wake up in the… Continue Reading

Fall Sports at Kenston

This Fall has been a great season already for our sports teams. There have been many wins and very few losses. There are still more games to come although it is coming to an end. Our Fall sports include football, boys and girls cross country, boys and girls golf, boys and girls soccer, girls tennis,… Continue Reading

Kenston Krazies

A big part of being a student at Kenston is being a Kenston Krazie. Kenston Krazies are the students at our school who go to all of Kenstons after school events and help support them. They go to sporting events such as football games, soccer games, volleyball games, basketball games, and more. These are just… Continue Reading