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Prom: The After Math

Prom was at Signatures of Solon this year and even though it was rainy and gloomy, the vibes were not dampened. Everyone arrived at 6 p.m. and they were showed to their tables. Once everyone was seated, they were given bread and salad for starters. Then the main course came out which was chicken, tortellini, vegetables, and mashed potatoes. Senior Richard Martin said, “This was my only prom and it was a blast!” From the sounds of it, the potatoes were the most disliked dish at the dance. Junior Brad Randorf said, “All of the food there was pretty good…except for the potatoes. Something wasn’t right with those…” After all the eating was done, the real party started. The DJ cranked up the music and everyone was out on the dance floor jumping around and grooving. All in all prom was a definite success and an amazing time this year. Next up…..SUMMER!

Boy’s Tennis Season Begins

Wednesday March 30th begins the best season of Kenston tennis. With the team consisting of over 25 players, the team had to be divided in three. There will be a Varsity, Varsity B, and Junior Varsity. As the team has one of the strongest first, second and third singles line ups, and two solid doubles… Continue Reading

Snow Days!

Snow, snow, and more snow! What does that mean for students? Snow days! Sophomore Mark Magnasco said, “There is no better feeling in the world than when you wake up to that phone ringing and school is cancelled.” Some are not so lucky and don’t get to go back to sleep due to the fact… Continue Reading

Weave Silk

Welcome to the Weave Silk page on the Kenston Website! All designs are made by the Kenston community. Visit Weave Silk to make your own cool designs! Do you want to see your silk posted on our website? Save the design and send it to khs@kenstonlocal.com!   Continue Reading

Senioritis Taking Its Toll

With the first semester completed and the beginning of the end for all seniors, senioritis is definitely making its mark on Kenston’s seniors. What exactly is senioritis, some may ask? Well it is the point of which a senior in high school realizes that he or she is close to the end of his or… Continue Reading