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Interview with Mr. Kepreos

Do you ever wonder what your teacher was like before coming to Kenston High School? After interviewing Mr. Kepreos, The Introduction to Business, Accounting, and Business management teacher I found out that he was a basketball coach at West Virginia Teach and Wheeling Jesuit. Mr. Kepreos also attended college at Wheeling Jesuit. He realized he wanted to be a full time teacher in 2000 and started off his teaching career at Intercity Pittsburgh and then Lutheran West High School in Rocky River Ohio. He began teaching at Kenston High School in 2009. Since he teaches three different classes, I was curious on which was his favorite, he said that he likes all of them equally.

Classic Kenston Buisness Class

Classic Kenston, Mr. Kepreos’ third block business class is coming out with two new products this week! Their newest products consist of water bottles and sweatshirts, their designs have yet to be released but will be decided on February 6th. The sweatshirts will be selling for $25 and the water bottles for $12. These products… Continue Reading