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Author Archives: Daniel Giulvezan

The Beginning of Summer

Well Kenston students, next week is the last week of school. I hope you all have a good summer I hope you will remember the good times during your school year of 2016-2017. I hope you have plans for summer vacation like holidays, a trip to somewhere else, or any other vacation plans for the summer. So my final words to you is “Have a good summer everyone.”

Spring Break

Spring is here students of Kenston, and you know what that means, “Spring Break 2017.” Spring Break is a vacation period early in the spring for universities and schools in various countries around the world, including Kenston. What makes it special is that students get a ten day break from school to enjoy spring. And… Continue Reading

World Language

The world has many different countries with many different languages. At our school we have a few language classrooms we would like to mention to you. There is Spanish, French, and Russian. We believe that in these language classrooms, we will not just learn a new language, but also learn about other cultures. Some of the… Continue Reading

French Club

Do you like France? Have you been to France or Canada because people speak French in those countries? Then join the French club. To sign up you must fill in a document you will get before the last day of school. Just pick French class and when you come back after summer vacation, you will… Continue Reading


Do you like baseball? Do you know some famous baseball players like Jackie Robinson or Lou Gehrig “the person who was diagnosed with ALS which was named after him”. Then sign up for the Kenston Baseball team. Sign ups will be starting during spring and the season will end during May. Practice will start after… Continue Reading

Student Future Events

During a student’s life here at Kenston High School, there are many upcoming events happening during this school year. For starters, the students are at beginning of their new classes this semester. Some of these students like their new classes, while other might not. Some of these students are depressed because the winter break is… Continue Reading

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