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Winter Break

It is already that time of year, winter break! There is one more week of school until the much needed break begins. Thursday and Friday students have finals and will get out of school early on those days. Thursday is first and third block finals and Friday is second and fourth block finals. The last day of school is Friday, December 21. School resumes and third quarter begins again after the new year on Monday, January 7. Students will also have a new schedule after break. The class of 2022 is wishing everyone a great winter break!


The everyday high school life can be very stressful between class, homework, and sports. Making sure you take time everyday to destress is very important. Some quick and easy things you can do is eating a snack, visualizing, going on a walk, and deep breathing. Doing these things everyday is definitely beneficial. “I have homework… Continue Reading

Benefits of Doing a Sport

Doing a school sport or club sport is very beneficial in many different ways. Not only does it keep you physically healthy, but it also teaches teamwork and problem-solving skills. Having to use memorization and repetition that sports require helps with school work and overall improves academics. Sports may also raise self-esteem by allowing people… Continue Reading

The Best Dog For You

There are many different kinds of dogs you can get, but it is important to pick the right kind for you. For example, if you have a family with little kids you should definitely get a dog that gets along with children. Breeds that would be good are ones that are calm and patient, such… Continue Reading

Class of 2022

Welcome to the class of 2022 website. This page is new to the website, so if you have any information or ideas you want to add contact any of the freshman taking web design first semester. You can come here to find out about upcoming events and to just learn about the class of 2022!… Continue Reading

KHS Web Builder Profile For Claire Roch

August 2018 Hi: My name is Claire Roch and this is my freshman year at Kenston High School. I signed up for Web Design because I was interested in learning more about computers and the Kenston Website. Presently, my computer background consists of social media. I hope to contribute to the KHS Website working on… Continue Reading