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Senior Game Of Assassin

Last week was the week of Assassin. This game is exclusive to seniors only. The objectives of the game is to eliminate the person you are assigned too. The person you are assigned to does not know that you are after them. This also goes for the person who is after you. To eliminate someone you must first shout assassin and then tag them with a spoon or hit them with a thrown sock. You can stop yourself from getting eliminated by shouting assassin before the attacker does. I interviewed some current seniors about the game:

Jack Roman: “Its insanely fun. everyone gets really into it and i really think it should continue as a Kenston tradition.”

Dylan Polz: “I think its cool game to play”

Toby Wardega: “Always be watching your back. Be alert”

The results were no one got first. Multiple people were still in the game at the end of the week. As people kept getting out the pace of the game slowed down. Hopefully next year the game with have a single winner.


Plastic spoonsRolled up socks

Local Fly Fishing

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Tips For First Day Skiing

Skiing is a popular pastime for many people old and young. Skiing is great way to get outdoors and spend some of your wasted time during the winter. Skiing with friends can be some of the most enjoyable memories. Its a great skill to learn and its like riding a bike; you’ll remember how to… Continue Reading

2018-2019 Football Archives

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Ski Conditions

This page brings you the weather conditions for Alpine Valley Ohio every Friday for the 2019 ski season Conditions for Friday, March 8 2019: High of 38 degrees F and a low of 23 degrees F. Chance of snow 0% Conditions for Friday, March 1 2019: High of 29 degrees F and a low of… Continue Reading

Jerry Of The Week

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to these photos and videos. If you would like to know, email me.   Posted on 3/1/19 Posted on 2/25/19 Posted on 2/21/19 Posted on 2/11/19 Posted on 2/8/19 Posted on 2/7/19 Posted on 2/5/19 Posted on 2/4/19 Legends never get hungry Posted on 2/1/19     Continue Reading