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Interview with Kenston lacrosse player Dennis Bergansky

This Interview is with lacrosse player Dennis Bergansky. He is a Midfielder and an attack man. He has been playing lacrosse for 6 years since he was in 4th grade. Lacrosse is Dennis’s favorite sport, I play lacrosse to so I’m a little biased, but I think lacrosse is one of the best sports out there and it is the oldest game in the world.

Q. What kind of stick head are you using this year?
A. A Maverick Optick.

Q. How many practices have you had this year?
A. around 25 to 30.

Q. How has the weather been for those practices?
A. Pretty cold most of the time but we have had some good weather to.

Q. What is the lacrosse teams record?
A. 0~1 for real games and 1~3 for scrimmages but we have played a lot of good competition.

Q. What is your favorite song to listen to before a game?
A. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

Lacrosse Has Officially Started!

The Boys Lacrosse team has their first game this Friday, the 15th, at 7 pm! The boys have been hard at work, since the beginning of February, putting in the time to get ready for the season. Their new head coach, Jason Griffith, continues to work the boys preparing them for their home opener against… Continue Reading

Kenston Boys Lacrosse

Kenston Lacrosse is ready for this 2019 season with a new coach and gear their ready to face their rivals and make it to June this year. The kids are excited especially with their new helmets and jerseys. Kenston has their first scrimmage this week against Albany and Jackson. Their all ready to face some… Continue Reading

The boys lacrosse season is coming to a start!

The boys lacrosse season is creeping close and there are many thrilled people. “We have a new coach and hard-working players that are all very excited for the season to begin,” said Avery Bowen. Last year the Bombers ended with a 16-4 record, and are only hoping to improve this year. Val Carrario is doing… Continue Reading

Kenston’s New Lacrosse Coach

The Kenston Boys lacrosse team just hired a new head coach. The new coach’s name is Jason Griffith. Jason has past experience as the head coach for Shaker Heights. Many of the lacrosse kids are excited to play for the new coach. We have very high hopes for him and look forward to what he… Continue Reading