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Congratulations February Students of the Month!

Congratulations February Students of the Month!
Back Row L-R: Bransen Stanley, Anthony Alandt, Maxwell Vollrath, Dominic Alandt
Front Row L-R: Kayleigh Fisher, Nanami Tachikawa, Hannah Fender, Ronja Markoff
PhotosRotary Senior | Grade 12 | Grade 11 | Grade 10 | Grade 9

The Stock Market Game What A Cool Experience

Stock Market Game The stock market game is a well known game throughout the business classes. This game simulates the stock market. This game is a big learning tool in learning how to invest into stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. The game is a ten week game where kids from schools all over ohio compete to have the most percentage return in the stock market. There’s even a prize for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd teams. The stock market game is a great way to learn how to invest and research in the stock market. It’s a such a cool experience in the business classes and happy that our school is able give us the opportunity to do this.

Finals Are Approaching

Finals are just around the corner and some seniors will be graduating this semester. Make sure you study for all of your classes and be sure not to let them sneak up on you. English portfolios are soon to be due, along with end of the course projects. Drew Wright said, “I can’t wait to… Continue Reading

Seniors: College Application Deadlines

Attention all seniors college application deadlines are coming soon. if you haven’t applied you should get on top of it as soon as possible.If you need to take an ACT or SAT test that should also be signed up for as soon as possible. Getting the application into colleges sooner makes your chances of getting… Continue Reading

Student of the Month Explanation

Although being named Student of the Month at Kenston High School is a great honor, chosen students do not seem to receive the recognition they deserve from their peers.  In order to become Student of the Month, students must exemplify immense dedication towards their academics and extracurricular activities, while demonstrating kindness and leadership qualities. When… Continue Reading

PSAT Test Tomorrow!

Tomorrow (October 10th) is Kenston’s PSAT Testing Day. This test is mandatory for the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to take it. The seniors who are not taking the PSAT are recommended to go on a college visit or tag along on a job shadowing opportunity. Make sure you get some rest tonight so you are… Continue Reading

Geting to know Mrs. Wilk

Today I had pleasure of interviewing Mrs.Wilk 1.How long have you been working in Kenston? 25 years at middle school 2 years in high school. 2.Why did you chose to be a teacher? I always enjoyed learning and helping others. 3. What is the coolest thing you have ever done? The coolest thing i have… Continue Reading

Get To Know Mrs. Seeley

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be a teacher, or why they do what they do? After interviewing Psychology and History teacher Mrs. Seeley, I learned a little bit about why she does what she does. First I asked her, “When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?” she replied after… Continue Reading

Getting to know Mr.Thompson

I had the pleasure of interviewing and getting to know Mr.Thompson and here’s what I found out. First I asked him when he started teaching? Mr.Thompson response was he started in the year 1996. The second question I asked him is How long have you been teaching? Mr.Thompson’s response was 23 years. The Third question… Continue Reading

PSAT Day on October 10

Reminder to all students that most of you will be taking the PSAT test tomorrow. You will be assigned a room through your Kenston apps email. All freshman and sophomores will be required to take the test, while upperclassmen will be able to choose an alternate assignment. If you choose not to take the PSAT,… Continue Reading

Kenston Athletic Training Class

Many people don’t know exactly what Kenston Athletic Training Class is about, but I have taken the class before and I loved it. It is a very unique class that many don’t know about. The teacher is Mrs. Viviani McKinney, who is the Athletic Trainer for Kenston sports. The class entails learning about anatomy of… Continue Reading