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2019 Top 15 Seniors

2019 Top 15 Seniors and Their Favorite Educators

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Peyton Roth

Ever since moving to the Bainbridge area back in the fifth grade, I have made a ton of amazing memories. Continuing from the Intermediate, Middle and now High School it is easy to realize how much the long painful hours affected each and every one of us as students and individuals. However, I feel that what often defines each of us as individuals is what we chose to do with our time outside of school. Surely school sponsored athletics, volunteer work, and even trips are a great learning experience, but I found that when I was able to fully do something for myself that wasn’t the “babied” or “walk in a straight line” style we are all so accustomed to, I really had to figure out the application, approval and scheduling of my own volunteer work. Through my seven patients that I spent countless hours speaking when on the brink of death, I learned much regarding the perspectives we all face in traversing life. To this day I will never forget the last words each of them said to me, and I am so thankful to be part of a community that has allowed me the opportunity to experience such work.

Peyton plans on attending Ohio State University next year to study biomedical engineering. Ten years from now, he hopes to be completing his residency at a hospital.

Peyton Roth – Mr. Marchesi

Peyton Roth - Mr. MarchesiUpon leaving Mr. Ray’s AP English III class I was met with a warning; “beware of that little mean man”. I figured nothing of it as freshman year I began my English journey with the tall mean man, Mr. Novak. However, Mr. Marchesi never failed to live up to the persona that Mr. Ray and so many others built for him. English has always been the greatest area of struggle for me in school, whether that be the abstract interpretation of text or the actual reading part of the text. Despite the tall task that laid ahead for me this year, Mr. Marchesi made the hopefully final English class I will ever have to take enjoyable for me. His constant, for lack of a better word sass, and eagerness to see every student succeed in his class as well as applying to college made him the perfect choice for me to honor tonight. For the more than 20 times you had to read, and then re-read, and oh yeah re-re-read my college essays, thank you for all that you do for Kenston High School.

Tanner Mulhern

My sophomore year my friend Peyton Roth and I decided to join Envirothon Club. Every homeroom we walked the halls picking up paper and plastic from classrooms and going outside to recycle it. It doesn’t seem that fun, but being able to walk through the halls with your friends was obviously better than sitting in a classroom, which is what the other ninety percent of my day consists of. Over three years of being a member I recruited four other friends. I began looking forward to homeroom, and when I would see my fellow Envirothon members on Monday and Wednesday mornings I would always ask, “Are you ready to save the Earth today?” I was able to help save the environment, gain service hours, and hang out with my friends all at once. Overall, Envirothon was one of my favorite high school experiences.

Tanner plans on attending Ohio State University to study chemical engineering. Ten years from now, he sees himself working as a chemical engineer, living in the suburbs with a wife, two kids, and a golden retriever.

Tanner Mulhern – Mr. Vasil

Tanner Mulhern - Mr. VasilSophomore year I decided to take Mr. Vasil’s class based on a recommendation from my older brother who convinced me he was the funniest and most energetic teacher in the entire school. My first day of class, even with my high expectations, I was blown away by how much genuine enthusiasm Mr. Vasil had for the classes he taught. Mr. Vasil was the first teacher throughout my entire high school career who actively tried to gain the attention of every single member of the class. When someone was not paying attention he would always take notice and call them out in a humorous way. His attitude kept me involved with subjects I didn’t realize I even had an interest in. Mr. Vasil’s humor, charisma, but also his immense passion for the subjects he teaches all have contributed to making me a more curious and attentive student.

Samuel Selent

I don’t have a single great anecdote, but throughout high school, I have amassed a collection of stories and memories, with great friends, that will always be shared between us. I have also learned to manage responsibilities, while leaving time to have fun, and hope to continue that balance into my future. I am grateful for the opportunities afforded to me by Kenston High School.

Sam plans on attending college next year to study finance at either Case Western Reserve University or Miami University of Ohio. Ten years from now he hopes to be a few years into his career and enjoying it.

Sam Selent – Mr. Segulin

Sam Selent - Mr. SegulinMr. Segulin always goes above and beyond what is directly applicable to the lesson, in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the material. Doing so, he is one of the few teachers who genuinely cares about teaching, opposed to just test scores. It is a great joy to be in the class of a teacher who cares about his students and our understanding of a topic. We frequently discuss the real world application of the material. Through such extraneous questions, that are an extension of the class, but not directly required, Mr. Segulin repeatedly adds work for himself to enhance his students’ experiences. Finally, he supports self investigation and gives necessary autonomy to students, especially through additional involved lab work, which further complicates his class to enhance his students understanding.

Grant Nelson

During the summer of my Sophomore year I went with my Church to Mount Hope, West Virginia, and upon arrival we were told we would be part of a crew that was re-roofing a house. Being an individual who was afraid of heights this news was not very welcoming, however I threw my fears aside, rolled up my sleeves and ended up having a great time bonding with my group through the work we did. On our final day of rebuilding this roof, the homeowner of the house came outside crying holding a scrapbook of her family. She began showing us pictures of all of her children and grandchildren and then she said “Here are all of the lives you are blessing with your work”. That experience changed something in me and made me realize that whatever career I am going to pursue in the future that it had to be one where I could impact people’s lives like I did in West Virginia.

Grant plans on attending Case Western Reserve University and would like to study Computer Engineering, Premed, Business, Biomedical Engineering, and Psychology. Ten years from now he hopes to be finishing up his residency.

Grant Nelson – Mr. Mason

Grant Nelson - Mr. MasonFrom the very first day I walked into Mr. Mason’s room and saw the mess of equations scattered all over the whiteboard I knew I was about to meet a very brilliant individual. You see, Mr. Mason has this deep desire for learning that I found out was very contagious. Every time Mr. Mason taught me something new I would get a wave of excitement as I saw a whole new world of programming possibilities open before my eyes. This excitement caused me to start stopping by after school to ask Mr. Mason questions. Instead of turning me away, Mr. Mason would go to great lengths to not only answer my questions, but make sure I was satisfied with the answer thus kindling my passion for learning and programming. Mr. Mason, as a student and as a friend I would like to personally thank you for inspiring me with your kindness, dedication, and outstanding teaching, and it is my wish to you that you inspire many more students throughout your career. Thank you.

Christa Niemann

One of my fondest memories at Kenston is tea—yes, tea. Imagine a picturesque spring day at KHS: it’s drizzling, warm, altogether a perfect day for a cup of tea. In several of my favorite classes, Tea Day was a regular occurrence. One day in Russian IV, our small class gathered around one cafeteria table to drink tea from the Samovar. As Mr. Krejsa read a Russian storybook, I found I understood the language much faster than ever before. Perhaps it was something Mr. Krejsa put in the tea, but I would credit it to being able to see the facial expressions of everyone around the table. Something about sharing tea opened our class like never before, encouraging discussion and interaction rather than a straight lecture. On that day and many future Russian and English classes, the value of facing my classmates and teachers in discussion has proven immeasurable.

Christa plans on attending college to study linguistics and professional writing. She is still deciding between the University of Rochester and Miami University. Ten years from now, she hopes to still be learning and reading a lot of great books, of course.

Christa Niemann – Mrs. Brust

Christa Niemann - Mrs. BrustI first came to appreciate Mrs. Brust through our shared affinity for William Shakespeare, but tonight I recognize her for far more. Mrs. Brust’s extraordinary dexterity in teaching literature amazes me daily; she easily makes Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice, and Beowulf simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking. Willingly giving of her vast knowledge and personal experience, she has made me a better writer and person. Additionally, Mrs. Brust has a profound empathy for others—for characters, but more importantly for her students. Mrs. Brust—thank you for being the kind of unforgettable mentor every student hopes to have. You have taught me to love words, but my appreciation for your kindness is truly beyond them.

Anna Snyder

I have a few good memories from my high school years, and almost all of them took place in the theatre wing. No where else in this school were the people as kind and real as the theatre. You may not know a lot about Kenston’s theatre department (and shame of you), but they are a lot of fun. We have a lot of rehearsal, so we spend a lot of time together. That means we have a lot of crazy stories. One of my favorite took place last fall during Leading Ladies. The cast and I finished rehearsal late and we were all starving. We caravanned to Geagle where we all purchased pints of ice cream. We sat in the parking lot and laughed and ate ice cream with plastic forks. It was one of the best days of my high school career.

Anna plans on attending college next year, but has not decided on a school yet. She will study musical theater and psychology. Ten years from now, she hopes to be living in New York performing on Broadway at night and running her non-profit, for mentally ill students to participate in theatre, during the day. She also hopes to start a loving family and see the rest of her family often.

Anna Snyder – Mrs. Wirthwein

Anna Snyder - Mrs. WirthweinWhen I was in sixth grade I auditioned for the middle school musical. I was told not to be afraid of the really tall blonde lady. I walked into my audition and was confused; how could anyone be afraid of this woman? I pushed my choppy little bangs out of my face and belted out my song. From that day forward, Mrs. Wirthwein became one of my favorite people at Kenston. She has made me feel accepted, special, and gave me the confidence I was desperately lacking. In high school she has continued to aid me in more ways than she knows. I don’t think I would have made it out of school without you.

Karissa Sanchez

Towards the end of my sophomore year, my parents gave me news that would be a nightmare to any sun-loving Californian like myself: “We’re moving to Ohio”. Before I knew it, I was starting my junior year at a new school in a new state. I lost the relationships I had created at my previous school and had to start over. This transition was filled with highs and steep lows, but by the end of my junior year, I had managed to make a place for myself here, and the experience gave me an optimism towards risk-taking and a faith in my ability to adapt when my situation isn’t ideal. Now, risks that seemed unthinkable before like joining the marching band after not having played my clarinet in years are no big deal. With my newfound confidence, I look forward to the uncertainty of wherever my future may take me.

Karissa plans on attending college next year to study electrical engineering and computer science. She is still deciding between MIT, University of Southern California, Case Western, Ohio State University, or the University of Michigan. Ten years from now she hopes to be working for a tech start-up company.

Karissa Sanchez – Mrs. Garrett

Karissa Sanchez - Mrs. GarrettWhen I first walked into honors statistics, I had no intention of becoming invested in the subject. After spending time in Mrs. Garrett’s class, however, my mindset was completely changed. Mrs. Garrett showed me just how valuable and fascinating statistics can be. She has a big heart and a gift for making statistics engaging for all her students. From making songs to memorizing rules to getting a four leaf clover for every AP statistics student, she cares that everyone has the opportunity to succeed by any means possible. It has been a privilege to be a part of Mrs Garrett’s class, and I know she will continue to enlighten students on the beauty of statistics in the same way she has inspired me.

William Toth

In AP Biology, my class went on seven seining field trips to catch fish and study them. The first six times we went seining, my group didn’t catch anything. The seventh and last trip to the river was more exciting than all past six trips combined. The trip started with my friend taking one step into the river and sinking waist deep into quicksand. Once we pulled her out, we started seining. On our first try we caught more than 20 minnows. We continued to catch all kinds of fish throughout the day. As I was getting confident with my ability to catch fish, I stepped on the net and fell face first into the river. Another one of my friends was documenting the whole day with a waterproof camera, capturing every funny moment. We laughed the whole bus ride back to the school as we watched the videos. This unique outside-of-the-classroom experience will be one I will never forget.

William plans on attending college next year to study Biology at the University of Arizona. Ten years from now he hopes to be pursuing a career in medicine.

Will Toth – Mr. Torma

Will Toth - Mr. TormaI was lucky enough to have Mr. Torma for Honors Geology my freshman year. Mr. Torma is one of the craziest and funniest teachers I’ve had. I never knew what to expect each day in class; one day he put fossilized dinosaur droppings in his mouth and another day he put uranium in his mouth. Despite his shenanigans, he is a fantastic teacher. He is so knowledgeable about geology that he never used powerpoints- he spoke notes right off the top of his head. Honors Geology is still one of the best classes I have taken because I learned so much and laughed so much thanks to Mr. Torma.

Hana Keebler

Perhaps I am biased towards Mrs. Zeigler for the unconventional ways she captured my interest in the classroom. I am sure many of you would be disgusted, horrified even, to imagine your teacher bringing a half-rotten owl from Mr. Markoff’s backyard into the room. For an aspiring zoologist such as myself, however, it was a hands-on experience that I will never forget. Out of the kindness of my own heart, I will spare you the details of cleaning up the poor bird, but know that its skeleton now sits proudly in my room near countless other bones. I’ve been passionate about animals, living or dead, ever since I was a child- I just struggled to decide which career to pursue. This experience with the owl, though untraditional for a school setting, pointed me in the direction of zoology.

Hana plans on studying zoology at Ohio State University in the fall. Ten years from now, Hana sees herself working in the field of zoology in either research or animal care.

Hana Keebler – Mrs. Zeigler

Hana Keebler - Mrs. ZeiglerAs an introvert, many teachers simply come and go through my life. It isn’t that I dislike them, not at all, only that one short semester is rarely enough for me to build a connection with them. Sometimes, though, a teacher will defy the odds and push right through my shy facade. Though relatively few and far between, these are educators I will always cherish as I move forward in life. Armed to the teeth with empathy, patience, and one of the kindest personalities in the district, I am proud to honor Mrs. Zeigler as one of those remarkable teachers able to bring out the best in me.

Alexandra Lesner

My favorite memory of Kenston is one that I am sure is shared by many: winning the Football State Championship. To me, it wasn’t just about winning the game, it was about how my four years on the Dance Team was able to conclude with this one amazing event. After fifteen long football games and hundreds of practices this season, it was all worth it in the end to see the community come together as one. Performing on a football field in front of such a large, supportive crowd reminded me of what I love most about this school. Although I have hundreds of memories from my high school experience, this one in particular I will never forget.

Alexandra plans on attending college next year to study petroleum engineering at the University of Tulsa. Ten years from now, she hopes to be running an oil production line somewhere much warmer than Ohio.

Alexandra Lesner – Mrs. Fagerholm

Alexandra Lesner - Mrs. FagerholmI have met plenty of teachers who have inspired me to be a better learner, but I have never met a teacher who has influenced my character as much as Mrs. Fagerholm. The Future City project she led during my eighth grade STEM class taught me how to work with a team, take responsibility, and how STEM is a part of our everyday lives. I will never forget the early morning drive to Columbus for the competition, but all of the months of hard work were worth it when we won many awards, including Rookie of the Year. Thank you Mrs. Fagerholm for sparking my love of the sciences and showing me that I am capable of anything if I put my mind
to it.

Kayleigh Fisher

My junior year, the Dance Team performed at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando over winter break. This trip turned out to be nearly a disaster. Expecting Florida to be warm, none of us checked the weather. We packed shorts and short sleeve shirts to wear around Disney World. No one expected 50 degree weather and rain. We were all freezing. During the game, we all huddled by the only source of warmth we could find: the bathrooms. One of my teammates even started a list of everything that had gone wrong on the trip, including me throwing up in the airport, a teammate’s phone data getting wiped, and an agonizing 5 and 1⁄2 hour long practice. Luckily, we were able to laugh about everything that happened. Despite our misfortune, this trip really brought us together, and we all learned to look on the bright side of things and appreciate this opportunity.

Kayleigh plans on attending Capital University next year to study music education. Ten years from now she hopes to be teaching many band classes.

Kayleigh Fisher – Mr. Sell

Kayleigh Fisher - Mr. SellAnyone who has been taught by Mr. Sell knows how much he cares about his students. He pushes all of his music students to become better musicians and better people. I have had several opportunities to sit down and talk with Mr. Sell, and he really helped me with my decision to major in Music Education. In my music Independent Study, he helped me with music theory, taught me scales on the piano, and asked for my input in marching band shows. I really appreciate all the guidance he has given me and his help in preparing for the future. One day I hope to be an amazing band director, just like he is.

Connor Quinlan

By senior year, most people have figured out and are comfortable with how their life is going. Fortunately, this was not the case for my senior year, as I really stepped outside of my comfort zone by forcing myself to try new things. I embarked on the Kenston Out West Trip, where I went on my first plane ride and explored the national parks for 3 weeks. I joined the Cross Country team in the fall, which became a very unexpectedly rewarding experience filled with new friendships and a new mentality about life. Recently, I am trying to learn to play the guitar. At first, all of these seemed intimidating, but looking back, I am grateful that I took on the challenges because I grew as a person and became more appreciative. Never be afraid to jump in!

Connor plans on attending Ohio State University next year to study architecture. Ten years from now he hopes to have started a family of his own and a career that brings him joy.

Connor Quinlan – Mr. Malkus

Connor Quinlan - Mr. MalkusNervous and shy, I walked into my first class of freshman year, Art 1, and was greeted by Mr. Malkus. Little did I know, my relationship with him would grow over the next 4 years. I am blessed to have taken three art classes with Mr. Malkus in high school. He always challenged me as a student and helped build my foundation in design thinking. Mr. Malkus is a man that I respect and admire outside of the classroom as much as inside the classroom. He is such an interesting and stand up guy who never fails to put a smile on my face. Most importantly, Mr. Malkus is a person I’d love to share a cup of coffee with.

Ryan Tien

Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to experience what the professional world was about. Through the Geauga Growth Partnership program I have received two great internships. During the summer of my junior year, I interned with Mercury Plastics in Middlefield. I worked on an assembly line eight hours a day, five days a week, for two months. It was not how I initially planned on spending my summer. During my application process, my goal was to intern with the company ASM International. I had a great interview with them, however the company traditionally only took 18-year-old seniors and I wasn’t offered a position. Although I did not really enjoy my manufacturing job, I met great people and learned a lot about the real world. I learned the importance of a good first impression and having to do your best work no matter the assignment. I was offered an intern position from ASM in November and am currently working there and will continue through the summer. As students, we are offered this great resource and opportunity, through the Geauga Growth Internship Program, which I recommend to every student at Kenston.

Ryan plans on attending college next year to study biomedical engineering and business. He is still deciding on where and has been accepted to Case Western, Ohio State, Tulane, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Miami University (OH). Ten years from now, he hopes to have graduated from grad school and be working as a Biomedical Engineerdesigning medical devices and prosthetics.

Ryan Tien – Mr. Novak

Ryan Tien - Mr. NovakWhen I moved to the U.S. I was faced with both a cultural and a language barrier. Although I was exposed to conversational English via my parents, my reading and writing skills were subpar to that of my American peers. It was very challenging for me to switch from an all German school system to reading and writing  everything in English. Mr. Novak helped me through this transition. His passion for teaching and his love for helping shape kids, academically and individually, makes him stand out from all other teachers. He taught me that making mistakes was part of the learning process, and that having a positive attitude is the first step of overcoming an obstacle.

Paige Toft

A standout high school memory for me is during the time I was in Honors Chemistry with Mr. Segulin. In need of extra credit, my friend Anna and I stayed after school to play in a game of his beloved bocce club. With zero experience and no understanding of the rules, it was comical watching us play. But as the game went on, we actually started to figure it out, and ended up beating the dedicated club members in that game. Not only did we go home with rad bocce t-shirts and extra credit points, but with our dignity still intact.

Paige plans on attending Ohio State University to study engineering. Ten years from now, she hopes to have a career she loves, a dog, and to be happy.

Paige Toft – Mrs. Baugher

Paige Toft - Mrs. BaugherMrs. Baugher has made a huge impact on my life, as rarely a day passes that I am not in her room at some point. Never have I had a teacher who dedicates so much of their life to their students. Her time is spent in and out of the classroom, supporting me and many other students in our academics, athletics, and just general life endeavors. She’s been a trusted voice of reason often sacrificing sleep and time in order to offer support and guidance. Looking back at high school, my journey  wouldn’t have been the same without her, and I’m so grateful for her presence in my life these four years.

Emily Hall

“Try moving your right hip first, and then transferring your weight? Ok, you’re still ending on the wrong foot, practice with just your arms and think of how your arms tie into your leg movements. I have to go on to the next person, but you’re doing great!” While the future of majors that I want to pursue in college is about as straight as the curve in the road right after the 4-way stop at Taylor May and Snyder, I knew entering the profession of teaching could be quickly eliminated, even before I was selected to be the dance captain of my senior year musical: Seussical. While I knew teaching was not my strong suit, I would not possess the ability to clearly communicate with others and troubleshoot difficulties without that initially petrifying position. Instead of shuffling my feet with the rest of the cast while overhearing instructions, I was now the instructor. I was forced to be center stage, exposed to the unknown, unaware of how my ideas would be received. The terror began to subside, and finally the perfectly synchronized movements lining the stage stretched an irremovable smile across my face. While teaching has yet to rejoin the list of seemingly never ending jobs that I am considering, the steep learning curve that I experienced by teaching provided me with so many memories and analytical skills that will transcend the now-comfortable auditorium stage and carry into my professional career, wherever that show takes me.

Emily plans on attending Southern Methodist University next year with a double major in marketing and possibly fashion media with a minor in chemistry. Ten years from now she hopes to be working for a company that she is passionate about and influencing the future of their marketing strategies, whether that’s in pharmaceuticals or in the world of fashion.

Emily Hall – Coach Ickes

Emily Hall - Coach IckesMr.Ickes, who I have referred to as Coach Ickes for the last four years, has exceeded every standard that I had for the roles of a coach. Despite not having a classroom, Mr. Ickes has been such an integral part of molding my ability to truly work hard. Whether through poring over the latest scientific studies to maximize our workouts, managing an entire coaching team, or forming influential relationships with students, I cannot come up with anyone else who is so dedicated and invested into what they love. He has instilled an unbreakable foundation of determination and mental endurance that I would not have without his influence and continual support. He has pushed me far beyond what I thought were my limits and continues to propel me forward and expand what I think is possible to achieve. I can safely say that I would not be the person I am in and outside of the classroom without his coaching that has transcended the starting line. Mr. Ickes has taught me that success is a choice, and that simple saying will forever be a grounding yet encouraging force in my rapidly changing life.

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