• Dr. Herpy

Local Fly Fishing

With the temperatures warming up and the snow melting brings a good chance to catch some local Ohio Steelhead Trout. The Division of Wildlife annually stocks selected Lake Erie tributary streams with 6-8″ yearling steelhead. This is a great way to get outside and enjoy the spring weather.


Ohio’s primary steelhead streams are Vermilion, Rocky, Chagrin, Grand and Ashtabula river. The Rocky, Chagrin and Grand rivers are scheduled to each receive 90,000 yearling steelhead annually. The closest river to Kenston High School is the Chagrin river. The Ashtabula River has begun to receive annual steelhead plants, now that water quality and habitat has improved, and annual hatchery production has exceeded 400,000 yearlings on a routine basis.


Fishing Equipment:

The recommended fly fishing is…

  1. fly rod (6-9wt)
  2.  light floating line
  3. weighted fly patterns, such as nymphs and streamers like woolly buggers, princes, egg-sucking leeches, stonefly and shiner patterns and clouser minnows.
  4. Waders
  5. Appropriate fishing license

where to find the fish:

The fish will be oriented to cover or moderate to deep water pools in the fall, and move into cuts or gravel runs as they make their way upstream for spawning. As stream temperatures warm during the spring, expect fish to be more likely to chase flies, lures or bait and to be found in riffles and runs. Then in mid April – mid May, they move back downstream and into Lake Erie for the summer.


Years in Lake Average Length (inches) Average weight in pounds
1 17 2-3
2 23 4-5
3 26 6-7
4 28 8-10


*all info taken from the ODNR division of wildlife


Summer Fishing:

For summer fishing in rivers and stream the only fish that is mostly caught is Small-mouth bass. During the summer the rivers are too warm for steel head to survive so they stay in the depths of Lake Erie. Small-mouth typically feed on crayfish and minnows. using bait that imitates it is the best bet to catch these fish. They usually hide around fallen logs and underwater rocks. Target these areas to have the greatest chance catching fish.