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Dunder Murphlin Has New Products Yet Again!!

Once again, Dunder Murphlin has come out with a new product line. They have created new snazzy socks with a Kenston Bomber logo. The logo includes the word “Bombers” with stars around it. The socks come in two color options: grey or blue. The pairs can be purchased now with one pair for $10 and two pairs for $18. What a steal! The company has also created a new long sleeve Cleveland shirt design. This design features the Cleveland skyline and the words “Cleveland, Ohio.”  The long sleeve comes in two design options; one is Browns themed (brown shirt with orange writing) and one is Indians themed (navy shirt with red writing). Both of these long sleeves are just $15 a piece! The sales of the long sleeves end April 8th, so make sure to buy before then. If you would like to purchase these wonderful products, check out Dunder Murphlin’s website or stop by Mr. Murphy’s room C221.

Check out Dunder Murphlin’s social media for updates and new products!

Twitter: @DMurphlin           Instagram: @dundermurphlin

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Printable Order Form

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