• Dr. Herpy

Nearly 50 Speakers Scheduled for Second Biennial KHS Career Fair

By Morgan DiRocco

Kenston High School will be hosting the second biennial career fair featuring speakers from a variety of career fields including business, law, medicine and public service on March 20.

The career fair is an opportunity to expose students to different options before they have to make decisions about their own futures.

Assistant principal Mrs. Katie Phillips said, “We want to provide opportunities for students to learn about career paths they are interested in as well as have an opportunity to make a personal connection with local professionals.”

The event will feature almost 50 different presenters who will share their day-to-day work schedules, annual salaries, any degrees needed, and other important information regarding each individual career.

“I am looking forward to this year’s career fair because I am going into college undecided and I believe this will be a good introduction to a couple majors I am interested in,” said senior Maddie Engoglia.

Not only are students looking forward to the event, but the presenters are also excited to share information about their careers.

“I think that career day will give students an opportunity to see that even boring-sounding careers can be engaging and stimulating — sometimes even fun. I’m also hoping that the professionals will provide the students with a few helpful hints to get them going in the right direction,” said presenter Matthew English, Assistant General Counsel for BASF.

This is not the only opportunity for students to learn more about different careers. KHS also offers multiple career speaker series events throughout the year where students can interact with a panel of professionals from a specific career field.