• Dr. Herpy

Is the College Process Too Difficult?

Interview with Natalie Wasinski (junior), Sarah Soryal (junior), Emily Cronin (junior), and Rhianna Patrick (senior).

Q: Is the college process too difficult?
N: Yes
S: Yes
E: Yes
R: Not really

Q: How are the SAT’s and ACT’s?
N: Stupid
E: The process is dumb
R: I think they’re not good judgments of what you learn throughout high school and they’re not good representations of people as students.

Q: Is applying difficult?
N: I mean, I guess yeah
S: Yes
E: It’s tedious and time consuming.  There’s a lot to do so it’s not something that can be easily done.

Q: Are you confident in your decisions on which school and what major?
S: No
E: I’m scared I’m not gonna get in anywhere.
R: Yes

Q: Are you stressed?
N: Yeah
S: Yes
E: Yes!
R: Yes