• Dr. Herpy

Bomber Bash and A Kid Again

$4,000 donation!Back in November, Kenston participated in the Bomber Bash (photos) that raised money for A Kid Again. For twenty years plus, A Kid Again foundation has helped restore a normal life for families who have cared for a child that has a life threatening disease. A Kid Again provides year round events to support these families and provide them with memories that will last a lifetime. For the past three years Kenston has supported A Kid Again through the Bomber Bash. This year Bomber Bash donated 4,000 dollars. The Bomber Bash is a all night school fundraiser where kids raise money by standing up for twelve hours straight, in respect of the children who are not able to stand. The students are not permitted to sit during the duration of time.

Jack Roman (Senior): Jack was the business president of the Bomber Bash for his senior year. However, he has been a part of the Bomber Bash since his sophomore year.

“I have had such a great time working on the Bomber Bash over the past three years. All the friendships I have created and all the money we were able to raise for A Kid Again is what I enjoyed most.”

Jordan Koenig (Sophomore): For as long as Jordan has been a student at Kenston High School, she has participated in the Bomber Bash. This past year, her sophomore year, Jordan took part in standing for twelve hours straight and supporting A Kid Again.

“For the past two years that I have participated in the Bomber Bash, I have had great experiences. Dancing all night with with your friends is the best part. Standing for twelve hours without the option of sitting was really hard but i knew it was for a great cause and that it would benefit so many other families and kids.”

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