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Dunder Murphlin Has New Products Yet Again!!

Once again, Dunder Murphlin has come out with a new product line. They have created new snazzy socks with a Kenston Bomber logo. The logo includes the word “Bombers” with stars around it. The socks come in two color options: grey or blue. The pairs can be purchased now with one pair for $10 and two pairs for $18. What a steal! The company has also created a new long sleeve Cleveland shirt design. This design features the Cleveland skyline and the words “Cleveland, Ohio.”  The long sleeve comes in two design options; one is Browns themed (brown shirt with orange writing) and one is Indians themed (navy shirt with red writing). Both of these long sleeves are just $15 a piece! The sales of the long sleeves end April 8th, so make sure to buy before then. If you would like to purchase these wonderful products, check out Dunder Murphlin’s website or stop by Mr. Murphy’s room C221.

Check out Dunder Murphlin’s social media for updates and new products!

Twitter: @DMurphlin           Instagram: @dundermurphlin

Printable Order Forms

Printable Order Form

Sock Order Form

Boys Tennis Preseason is Over

This spring break will be a time for the Boys Tennis Team to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. The boys have been practicing every weekday since March 4th and their preseason has finally concluded. However, this is only the end of preseason. The boys still have a long road ahead of them. The beginning of the… Continue Reading

Bombers Defeat Lake Catholic

Last night March 21, the Girls Lacrosse team had a game at home. Varsity defeated Lake Catholic 13-4. Congratulations to Julia Piazza, Treu(4), Kinnett, Liston(2), Jenna Piazza(2), Raypholtz, Britton and Carriero who all scored throughout last night’s game! The lady bombers have a current record of 1-1. Their next game is after spring break on… Continue Reading

Bombers Beat Avon

With last night’s win against Avon, the Bomber Lacrosse team is going into the season with confidence. “I have complete and total faith that they will do amazing,” said Heather Koplow. The Bombers record is now 2 -1. The team appears to be doing surprisingly well for the fact that six kids are injured. Including… Continue Reading

Kenston Baseball Myrtle Beach Trip

By Alan Wood The Kenston baseball team will kick off their season by going to Myrtle Beach over spring break. The Bombers will be playing teams from various states as well as local rival Chagrin Falls, who they will play for their first game of the season while on the trip. “We’re looking forward to… Continue Reading

Announcements For Friday, March 22, 2019

CAFÉ MENU: FLASHBACK (Take your pick from a rotation of the traditional favorites such as): • Bosco Sticks • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches • Mac and Cheese • Turkey and Gravy over Mashed Potatoes DAILY: Big Daddy’s Pizza • Chicken Sandwiches (Regular and Spicy) • Variety of Wraps (Turkey, Ham, Spicy Chicken, Chicken or Veggie) •… Continue Reading

Sirna’s Pizzeria’s New Restaurant!

It is a family tradition to have your own business in the Sirna family. Craig Sirna owns a farm off of Ravenna Road, his father used to own Sirna’s Cafe in Bedford, Ohio and his brother owns his own asphalt company called Sirna Construction Inc. It must be something in their blood that makes them… Continue Reading

Spring Break Plans

For most students, spring break means the school year is nearing an end. Since Ohio’s weather is less than enjoyable, many people plan vacations elsewhere. As for me, I planned a 5-day trip to Arizona where I plan to get as tan as possible. I spoke to a few other students at Kenston to see… Continue Reading

Why are there so many holidays?

I was going to class on Monday, in the hallway I heard that it was “Supreme Sacrifice Day.” Hearing this was a shock to me, and it made me think, “Why are there so many menial holidays?” The answer to this question is quite shocking. I found that these holidays started with Mother’s Day in… Continue Reading

2019 NEOTIC Indoor/Outdoor Meet

Spring Break is just around the corner, and for the boys and girls track teams at Kenston High School that means that their first meet is approaching fast!. On Monday, March 25, the track team will be travelling to none other that the Spire facilities to participate in the 2019 Neotic Indoor/Outdoor meet hosted by… Continue Reading