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Christopher Milo Speaks to Kenston

Christopher Milo, a motivational speaker, came to Kenston High School today to help kick off Say Something Week that will take place next week, February 25 – March 1st. Say Something Week is to help bring awareness about students who feel socially isolated. He shared stories about his childhood and how no one wanted to be his friend or pick him to be on their team for a game because he couldn’t kick a ball very well. Christopher showed us his love for piano playing and he played three songs. The first song was a simple song that he played in his elementary school cafeteria during lunch one day. He told us that he started to play it and when he turned around, no one was there because they had all gone out to recess. But that isn’t what young Christopher thought. He believed that everyone had left because they didn’t want to hear him play. He told us that with practice and going with what you love to do, you can become very good at it. Then he played us another song that he learned because he continued to play piano because he loved it.

Christopher shared a story about how no one wanted to pick him when they played a game and how he wanted to change that. He was playing kickball with other kids at recess and it was his turn to go. When he kicked it, it went over everyone’s heads and over the playground fence. It then went through someone’s garage window that was behind the playground. After that, everyone wanted to pick him to be on their kickball team.

Christopher showed us his ‘13 messages’. The ‘messages’ were; be positive, love one another, trust, work together, accept, use your talents, be creative, inspire, coach, be curious, listen, communicate and be genuine. All of these messages were on foam cinder-blocks that were all over the gym floor. He had 13 students come down and hold a block and tell him what they thought the word that they were holding meant.

At the end of the assembly, Christopher Milo played Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey which told everyone to keep going with your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be something that you want to be.

Jack Roman said, “I think Christopher Milo did a great job to help bring school culture back to Kenston and hopefully the students will follow and begin to become more connected with Kenston’s school sports and clubs.”

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