• Dr. Herpy

Say Something Week is Coming Up!

Student council is working hard preparing for what will run next Monday, February 25th- Friday, March 1st. Our students are working so hard to make this a great week and are taking it very seriously! We want to make a difference and make this a great week!

This Friday students will be escorting our speaker, Christopher Milo, around the building prior to the assembly to talk to kids and get some excitement brewing. If you see Mr. Milo walking around, feel free to invite him into your room to talk to your kids for a few minutes!

Next week we are kick-starting the week with an event called “Start with Hello”. It originated with Sandy Hook Promise and the goal is to create a culture of inclusion through “small but powerful actions to promote connectedness” and to identify others who are suffering from social isolation. We are asking everyone wear GREEN on Monday to support us. There will be a large tree of life in the cafeteria with “promises” written on leaves attached to it. We are asking students to take a leaf and fulfill the promise and snap a photo while doing it and send it to one of our social media accounts for reposting. Information on this process will be in video form on the morning announcements and posted on the tree as well.

Wednesday is our “Resource Day” as well as the 7th anniversary of the Chardon High School shootings. There will be a moment of silence for Chardon and other victims of school shootings on the morning announcements, and students will be sharing resources during all lunch blocks on the ODE Safer Schools Reporting System as well as the Crisis Text Line for teens who are at risk and need someone to reach out to. We are asking everyone to wear RED in honor of Chardon High School.

Friday is our school spirit day where we are asking all staff to wear their staff Bomber Games shirts and all students will be wearing their class colors. We hope to highlight some outstanding students from various cultures, ethnic groups, and interest groups across our social media outlets throughout the day.

Please also show your support by following our social media accounts and like/retweet, etc.!
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