• Dr. Herpy

Dunder Murphlin Has New Products!!

To all Kenston students and staff, Dudner Murphlin has come up with new and stylish hooded sweatshirts. One sweatshirt design is Kenston themed that comes in the colors grey or maroon. The retro design features a Kenston logo with a star on the front, and the back incorporates a record design with the words “Bombers Established 1953.” The next new sweatshirt design is Cleveland themed and it comes in the color light blue. This design includes a retro looking logo with vibrant red, orange, and yellow rays around the word “Cleveland Since 1796.” Both of these sweatshirts are a steal at the price of $25.00 for one. If a costumer goes over the size XXL its $3.00 extra. If you’re interested in purchasing a sweatshirt from Dunder Murphlin you can order one today and they will be delivered on March 22nd. Stop by Mr. Murphy’s room to pick up an order form for these outstanding new sweatshirts.

Also check out their online store to make your ordering more convenient

       Cleveland Design          Kenston Retro (front)            Kenston Retro (back) 

Cleveland Design   Kenston Retro (front)  Kenston Retro (back)

Kenston Retro (Maroon front)   Kenston Retro (Maroon back)     

Kenston Retro (maroon front)    Kenston Retro (maroon back)