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Out West Recap

The Out West group of 2018 had an amazing trip. The trip went well without too many hiccups. The only hiccups included a stolen tent and 4 lost cameras. The cameras were eventually found but the tent was not. One camera was found months after the trip ended. This camera was thought to be left on Mt. Washburn, but was found in the dark recesses of the bus. The trip lasted a total of 23 days. They drove a total of 5,017 miles and hiked over 100 miles. During the trip they visited 11 states, 8 National Parks, 3 National Monuments, and 3 National Forests. The favorite places of the group were the Grande Tetons, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Colorado, and Crater Lake. During the trip they had a few responsibilities. Out West they had a journal to write and worksheets to do. The trip itself was a class, but it was more about the experience. They even had jobs to do. Some of these jobs included Cooking, Dish washing, Bus Cleaning, and Bus unpacking. These jobs were not not much of a strain and many people got to know each other because of these jobs. Their favorite activities included Rock climbing, white water rafting, Euchre, and hanging out in Mock City. The people who went, mainly only got to eat camp food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There were only a few times when they got to eat out. The most prominent places were Liberty Burger (Jackson Hole, Wyoming), Pasta Jay’s (MOAB, Utah) and Golden Corral (Iowa). They also received care packages from people. They got food, games, and snacks. Several of the days were filled with driving. The final bus ride was 23 hours long. They drove all through the night to arrive on time. The last two hours of the bus ride people were full of excitement and joy, but they all had a tiny bit of sadness lurking in background. They all got off the bus and went to hug their family and friends. Then they helped clean and unload the bus. Once that was done everyone lined up for a picture. Then the hint of sadness emerged and tears started to flow. They had spent over three weeks together laughing, learning, and spending time with each other. They did not want to leave. Many people who went on the trip did not know each other before, but after the trip they were all great friends. They all wished they could go back and do it all again. I recommend the trip to anyone and everyone.

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