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A message to juniors of the 2019-2020 school year

Attention sophomores! Did you know that we have a fully functioning radio station right here on campus? You are now eligible to sign up for the Entertainment Marketing I course. I have been in the class since the start of my junior year here at the high school. I personally can say that I have enjoyed every day that I have been a part of this amazing class. We learn real world skills, have our own scheduled radio shows weekly and we receive many valuable takeaways from the class. We have created our own resumes to help us in preparation for the “real world.” I think that the coolest part of the class is the radio station itself. I want you to think about how many of your friends from other schools can say that they have worked in a radio station at this age on their high school campus? The answer is probably none. This course looks great on your resume and will set you a part from other candidates for that job or internship you may be after.