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What You Need to Know For Scheduling For Next Year

As of Monday, everyone in the school started the process for scheduling their 19-20 academic year. Every year, guidance counselors are bombarded with questions from students about how and what to schedule. We sat down with Mrs. Kardamis and asked her these questions so you don’t have to meet with your counselor.

Q: What is the most important thing to think about when making your schedule?

A: “You should base your schedule on what your plans are for the future. It’s a good idea to start early, coming into 9th grade with a guide of what you want to do.”

Q: What is the most common mistakes students make when making their schedule?

A: “There aren’t many mistakes students make when they make their schedule. Not paying attention to teacher recommendations is the only one that comes to mind. The teacher recommended you to that class for a reason. Also, students who choose to be in a class just because their friends are in it, and not because they want to be in that class.”

Q: What should students know about A.P. classes? How will students know if they’re ready?

A: “Since everyone now takes the P.S.A.T., based off that one score, students received a letter in the mail recommending them to specific A.P. classes. Students need to know that these classes are hard work and they need to know how to work well independently.”

Q: How should students choose elective courses, and what are some elective courses that you recommend?

A: “Students should choose what interests them. There are some electives that I think everyone should take before they graduate; Art I, Finance, Computer Applications, Life Studies, Nutrition and Wellness, and Communications.”

Q: What is the most commonly asked question that students have when scheduling?

A: “Most students ask ‘What do you think I should take?’. They should choose classes that interest them, but high school is a time to explore options, so open mindedness is important. Some kids will come into high school thinking they want to be an engineer, so they take a bunch of math and science courses, then they take a business class and think it’s super cool. So, open mindedness is really important.”

Q: What is a class that you think is overlooked when students make their schedule?

A: “Communications. People think of communications and don’t want to take a class where you do speeches all the time. But we all have to talk to other people for the rest of our life, so it is a very important skill to have.”

Q: What is the cut off for students to make changes to their schedule?

A: “Students can make changes in Infinite Campus on their own until Wednesday February, 13. They make changes with their guidance counselor until the end of the year.”