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Kenston Resource Officer Interview

Kenston Local Schools have many resource officers that rotate through all four buildings to protect the staff and students of this district. I had the opportunity to interview one of these officers named Frank Chickos. Thank you Bainbridge Police Department for keeping the Kenston staff and students safe!

Kenston Local School Resource Officer Interview- Frank ChickosBainbridge Township Police Station!

Q- What is your name, rank, and job title?

A- Sergeant Frank Chickos

Q- What is your favorite phrase to say as a police officer?

A- Everyone makes mistakes. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It’s what you choose to do afterward that defines your character.

Q- How long have you been serving this community? Have you had any jobs located outside of Bainbridge?

A- 25 years. I also was a police officer in Ravenna, OH for 1½ years.

Q- What do you favor the most about being an officer for Kenston High School?

A- I enjoy interacting with and protecting the students and staff of the Kenston School District.

Q- Have you ever pulled a gun on someone in your career?

A- I have.

Throughout my career, there have been many incidents where I have “pulled a gun on someone”. While it is difficult to go into specifics, police officers draw their service weapons for a variety of reasons. Some occasions include, but are not limited to, taking people into custody in the following circumstances: Suspects that are in possession of, or are wielding weapons (firearms, knives, blunt weapons); Drivers and/or occupants of a car, at the conclusion of a vehicle pursuit; and the arrest of persons suspected of committing felony criminal offenses or acts of violence. My fellow Bainbridge officers and I have dealt with all these types of incidents. I have been a SWAT officer for 23 years. SWAT officers deal with very serious incidents involving potentially dangerous people. The use of weapons is necessary in these incidents for the protection of the officers and residents of Bainbridge.

Q- Do you make any good relationships with the students here at Kenston?

A- Any time we have a chance to meet with and interact with students goes a long way to building relationships with our community. We welcome the opportunity!

Q-What is the weirdest/most illegal substance you have found in your career?

A- Our officers have found many different types of illegal weapons, narcotics and paraphernalia. The strangest find was probably a human foot following a fatal traffic crash.

Q-What does your daily routine like?

A- There are many “routine” things officers do on a daily basis such as vehicle patrol, criminal investigations and traffic enforcement. However, when residents don’t know who to call about a problem they can’t solve, they usually call the police. For instance, what do you do when you have a bat in your bedroom at 3 a.m.? You call the police department, of course!