• Dr. Herpy

2018-2019 Bowling Senior Night

February 4, 2019

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Ethan Krause

Sophomore | Junior | Senior

Ethan Krause, accompanied by Beth & Pete Krause. Ethan has been a 3 year member of the bowling team. He plans to attend Ohio Northern University and study Computer Science after graduation. Ethan would like to thank his coaches for helping him improve his game, and his parents for always being there and supporting him.

Kelsey Kundtz

Junior | Senior

Kelsey Kundtz, accompanied by Brian & Becky Kundtz. Kelsey has been a 2 year member of the bowling team. She was named Kenston Scholar Athlete for Bowling in 2018, Most Improved Player in 2018, and was a member of the Girls Conference Championship Team in 2018. After graduation, Kelsey plans to enroll in the Tom Savini Makeup Effects Program to become a special effects makeup artist. She would like to thank the coaches for all their hard work and dedication. When she started bowling she couldn’t even break 100 and thanks to them she has been able to bowl a 176.

Alexandra Laidman

Junior | Senior

Alexandra Laidman, accompanied by Robin & Scott Laidman. Alex has been a 4 year member of the bowling team. She has also been a member of the Tennis team. She plans to attend Kent State University after graduation and major in Nursing with a minor is Psychology. Alex would like to thank everyone for all the encouragement along the way.

Michael Robejsek

Junior | Senior

Michael Robejsek, accompanied by Tom & Sharon Robejsek. Michael has been a 2 year member of the bowling team. He has also been a member of the Wrestling and Track teams. In 2018 Michael was named WRC All-Conference and has had a high game of 279. In 2019 Michael was named News Herald Player of the Week for the Week of January 24th. After graduation, Michael plans to attend CCAC in Pittsburgh PA to become a master GM technician and and bowl collegiately for their North Campus team. He would like to thank his mom and dad for their support during his two years of bowling and his favorite Solon Service Department boss and Coach, Bill Drsek, for being a great coach and making him the bowler he is in the two short years he has been part of the team. He would also like to thank Coach Drsek for showing him coach’s vast collection of bowling balls in which Michael hopes to soon someday surpass.

Rachel Stevens

Junior | Senior

Rachel Stevens, accompanied by David & Julie Stevens. Rachel has been a 2 year member of the bowling team. She has also been a member of the Cross Country and Track teams. She plans to attend Wittenberg University after graduation. Rachel would like to thank both her coaches for all their support and her parents for putting up with driving her everywhere.

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