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Holiday Gifts

As of today, Christmas is officially only a week away! You’re probably stressed out, trying to find the perfect gift for your sister or best friend before it’s too late. Don’t worry if you waited until the last minute, your fellow students at Kenston have offered their help.  Junior Sam Wein recommended traditional gifts such as lotion and chocolate for parents, claiming these basic gifts can satisfy anybody. Other students, such as Bryce Grossman claimed handmade cards and gifts are the way to go. It is important to know if the person you are gifting to is on the materialistic side or enjoys presents made with time and effort.  For your more spirited friends, Football State Championship gear is a great Kenston themed gift to celebrate our Bombers and if your friends aren’t interested in football, you can always purchase regular spirit wear from The Bomber Hangar.  With the season of giving upon us, you may receive gifts in return. Remember to be grateful for everything you are gifted, knowing people spent their time and money for you.