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Skiing/Snowboarding Season

Recently, Cleveland has received steady snowfall. This snow is piling up in addition to fake snow being made at skiing resorts. A few of these resorts include Alpine Valley, Boston Mills, and Brandywine. Students are very eager to get out on the slopes as Winter ensues. Before they do so, they must be prepared for the frigid weather. There is plenty of other necessary gear besides the obvious gear such as skis, snowboards, bindings, and boots. Other items include a helmet, goggles, neck/face protection, winter jacket, snow pants, gloves, and warm socks. All of these items vary in quality depending on price and brand. The skiers/snowboarders must decide how much they are willing to spend and how that will effect their experience. After acquiring the necessary gear, you will want to look for optimal weather conditions. These include fresh, powdery snow and little wind. Although conditions like wet, sticky snow and high winds are uncomfortable/more difficult to maneuver in, it does not mean that you should avoid going on the slopes altogether.

I interviewed a Kenston student, Kyle Lindecke, looking forward to snowboarding this Winter:

When and why did you start snowboarding?

“I started snowboarding when I was 13 because I wanted to try something new.”

Why do you enjoy snowboarding?

“It is very fun and exciting. I also like to try new tricks.”