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December is here, and now the countdown to the holiday break has begun, but before we sit by the fire and indulge in hot chocolate, finals are here to keep us studying until the very last second. It’s easy to become very nervous about finals, so here are some tips to help ease the stress.

Go Exercise:

Exercise can clear the mind, and help increase your memory; even 30 minutes will suffice.

Start Studying:

Sit down with your calendar and plan when you are going to study for each class. You should start studying at least one to two weeks before finals begin.

Stay Away From Your Phone:

While it seems obvious to set your phone aside, actually following through with the action is the hard part. Give your phone to your mom, have your brother hid it, or simply turn it all the way off and place it in another room; out of sight, out of mind.

Don’t Ignore Break Time:

When you are studying, you may think the longer and less interrupted time is better for overall learning, but in reality, study for extended periods of time can do more harm than help. Instead, study for no more than 80 minutes at a time. Take a quick break, without your phone, and then continue studying. You will be able to remember more and won’t lose your concentration as easily.  

Keep Yourself Nourished:

Proper nutrition and hydration will help you focus better, and absorb more material. Make wise choices with your diet, and always stay hydrated.

Get Sleep:

Staying up until two in the morning seems like a wise way to cram in extra study time, but the loss of sleep can affect you in the long run. Your concentration can be down, and your mind might be foggy. If you plan study time accordingly, then sleep shouldn’t suffer. When you have more sleep, your brain functions at a higher level.   

Good luck with your finals!