• Dr. Herpy

Plans in place for KHS library to offer new resources

By Anne Ware

Planning is underway to make changes to the high school library—soon to be renamed The Hub—with hopes to eventually provide resources that students have never had available to them before.

Students will still be able to check out books from the library and research materials will remain available, but the plans include providing new resources like 3D printers, vinyl cutters, poster printers, sound equipment , and photography and video gear as well.

“Modernizing the library by adding some new kinds of resources will help our students become better thinkers and learners,” said Mrs. Beverly Buettner, the librarian at Kenston High School.

These updates will not happen immediately. The library will slowly transition to include the new equipment over the next few years.

“It is going to change slowly. Our goal is for when the students come back from Christmas break it will look different in terms of moving things around, creating more space to make it more of a dynamic area where kids can meet and collaborate,” said Mr. Ryan Novak, who works in technology integration at the high school.

Different schools in the area and across the country have also made changes to their libraries, turning them into makerspaces and fab labs.

Mr. Malkus, Mr. Novak, and teachers from other buildings in the district visited schools like Rocky River High School, Fairview Park High School, and the think[box] at Case Western Reserve University last school year to get ideas for ways to innovate the district’s libraries.

There is also a student committee involved in the planning of the libraries modifications that have met in the fall multiple times.