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Kenston Football Team Attends the Browns game

Last Sunday, the Kenston football team was invited to the browns football game. The Cleveland Browns went up against the Carolina Panthers for a great afternoon of football. Both teams had a good; and even, start of football each putting up 7 points in the first quarter of football. 2nd quarter was still neck and neck between each team as Greg Joseph of the Browns and Chandler Catanzaro of the Panthers each made a field goal to keep the game tied. Baker Mayfield found Jarvis Landry deep on 3rd and 17 for a touchdown.  The score going into halftime was 17-17 as the panthers also scored. During halftime Branson Stanley and Tyler Mintz were welcomed onto the field as they ran a couple routes. Coming out of halftime the Panthers created a drive, but the Browns held them to a field goal. The Browns had a bit of a quiet quarter not scoring at all. The Panthers now had the lead at 20-17. The Browns scored 9 points in the 4th quarter and won the game 26-20.  Harris, a player of the Kenston football team says, “It was a great day for football, and also a great team win.”