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Rare Christmas Festivities

Christmas!By Sabrina McEllen

Kenston Marching Band Puts on First Christmas Show in Years

A Tradition Continued
Because of the football team making it into the state title game, Mr. Jeff Link, the head Kenston band director, decided to put on the first Christmas show in years.

As a tradition, the band produces a holiday themed show whenever Kenston makes it far into the playoffs, past Thanksgiving and far into the cold weather.

A Challenge
The decision to put on a Christmas show was a late one, and the band knew it would be a challenge. With only a few days to learn the music and the drill, the band had two marching practices at 6:30 p.m. in the snow covering the stadium turf.

Usually, the band has at least a couple weeks to learn a show, including memorizing the music and moves on the field. For the Christmas show however, the band received their music a week before the game and didn’t have a chance to start marching until the Tuesday before the game.

Fortunately, the show wasn’t impossible because the band was permitted to use their music on the field and some of the moves seen in the show were reused from the Shrek show, premiering earlier in the season.

A Success All Around
Despite the challenge, the band approached the field with determination and put on a festive show. The performance, featuring the songs “Sleigh Ride,” “Let It Snow,” “Santa Baby,” “Jingle Bells,” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” went smoothly with no noticeable mistakes.

To add to the Christmas spirit, the band was permitted to replace their usual hats with Santa hats and other festive caps. Each member of the band was also permitted to decorate their instrument, as long as it didn’t affect the instrument’s sound.” Daniela Salvini, a Kenston senior, said, “I was excited to see the band do a Christmas show. It was cool to see something different.”

On Sunday, Dec. 9, the Kenston bands and choirs will be putting on the annual Holiday concert, which will include one of the songs from the halftime show, “Sleigh Ride.”