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Mr. C.’s Free Friday

Today marks the one time a year “holiday” Mr. C. has that he is not taking pictures for any school event since the school year began. Up until today, and I’m sure will continue on, Mr. C. has been working immensely hard to make the Kenston Website the best it possibly can, and has succeeded time and time again. 23 years ago, Mr. C. was placed in the computer science field starting with little knowledge of computers and a brand new school website to work with. Now, Mr. C. and his students in his Web Design class have had the opportunity to create and constantly improve the school website we have today. A piece of our website that is one of the most impressive fact of our website is that it currently has over a million photos to represent the students and faculty that are at Kenston from almost every game, activity, assembly, etc. As high of a profile our website currently holds, I am excited to see where Mr. C. will continue to take it, and I hope he enjoys his well deserved day off.