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Is the Internet Threatening our Privacy

As a result of the Internet being so mainstream, anyone can find anything that they want. This can be a very good source of information to the people who use it that way, but some people don’t use it like that. They use the ease of searching to invade other people’s privacy, and even to take this a step further, and try to steal their identity. By a simple search, you can find any social media account, or any personal information that may be out there. Before the Internet you would be very hard pressed to be a victim of identity theft, but now that everything is digital it is more and more common. You can also just as easily blame the victim for this, because people have becoming more and more liberal with protecting their own privacy, instead trusting the website to protect their passwords, names, and in some cases credit cards.The Internet is a tool that can be used to gain a bunch of knowledge, but some malicious people want to use the information they gain about you against you.

“It is very easy to protect yourself by taking necessary precautions in order to protect your information,” said Colin Koehn

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