• Dr. Herpy

The Seriousness of Senioritis

Senioritis is NOT a joke! It affects all seniors and is described as a feeling of boredom and effortlessness that causes seniors to be lazy (especially me). Senioritis is not a real disease, so don’t think you will have to go to the hospital or anything, but you will feel the desire to not do any of your work. When asked about how senioritis makes one feel, Zach Fritz said, “It didn’t really affect me until I found out where I want to go to college [accepted], then everything started going down.” You see, Senioritis strikes most seniors, but having the capability of controlling all the stress is an essential part in making it through the final weeks of one’s senior year. Don’t take this as a joke and don’t lack too much, it all ends in the blink of an eye.